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St. Luke's
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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Welcome to St. Luke's!

Walk into St. Luke's Church on any given day and what do you find? A magnificent worship space... A welcoming staff... Volunteer parishioners tending to the church's many ministries and outreach programs... Children scampering to classrooms for religious or musical instruction... Members of the local community using our facility for meeting space... A friendly greeting from Brinkley, the rector's golden-doodle... But perhaps more important than what you find is what you feel: warmth, acceptance, openness... indeed, God's grace at work. We welcome you to join us.

Kick off Sunday: September 9
Please join us as we kick off another exciting year at St. Luke's! On kick off Sunday our choirs return and registration for youth faith formation beings. 

Faith formation for all ages begins on September 16.

Looking for a Church? Looking for a Church?
Are you in search of a faith community to support you in your relationship with God? Join us for a Sunday service or 310-522-0737, Tim Rich, to learn more about St. Luke's.
Watch a Sermon 207-434-9167
Through weekly sermons, our priests help us to understand Scripture and see how we can apply its teachings to our everyday lives. Listen to a homily on our sermon page!
Join a Group! 303-355-9613
There are many opportunities to become involved in the life and work of our parish, in ways that will enrich both you and our church community. 614-867-5721 that matches your interests and talents!

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