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Our 2015 Dates are Available!

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"Platinum Dance Experience"

An Amazing day of Master Classes taught by Platinum's very own judges.
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our goals
With input from students, parents and studio owners alike, we’re bringing a new kind of competition to you! Each dancer is center-stage. Numbers are showcased in a poppin’ production. Parents participate and enjoy the entertainment. Studio owners are paramount and we help them give their students and parents an experience to come back to. At Platinum competitions, everyone shines!

the dancers
We know the dance students out there work hard each day, and we make sure they get the recognition they deserve. Every dancer has something to offer at our competitions. And every dancer walks away with something at the end of the day. Our professional judges have attainable expectations for each age group and are familiar with the skill-levels of competitive dance conferences; and although we remain a true competition, our regional awards give appreciation to dancers for excellence in areas that sometimes go overlooked.

our competitions
But our competitions are not only about the students, we’re dedicated to the studios too! We have a strong commitment to making sure the studios get every penny and every minute worth of our exciting competitions. Part of making sure the studios get what they need is providing artistic outlets for everyone. And we’ve got it! From clogging to jazz, ballet to African, hip hop to folk, modern to traditional, we invite all dancers to come out and show their stuff in an all-inclusive showcase that’s sure to pop!

our staff
With a friendly and approachable staff, we make sure everything is covered. We want to make the owner’s and director’s experiences as smooth, glitch-free, well-organized as possible and allow them to take a load off while they, (along with parents) enjoy their students’ achievements. Always just a step away, we encourage questions, suggestions and kudos; and we remind everyone that with Platinum, nothing is impossible.

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