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What is your investment goal?

Select one goal at a time and set up an account. You will be able to add other goals to the same account once it is set up.

Optimize Returns

  • XENO Algorithm

    One of the first of its kind in Africa, the XENO Algorithm intelligently maps your risk tolerance to a suitable investment portfolio.

  • Risk Profiler

    Using responses to a few critical questions, XENO analyzes and instantly builds your risk profile.

  • Expertise

    XENO provides you access to professional investment advice and execution from experts in a few clicks.

  • Monitoring

    XENO is an intuitive and beautifully designed platform you will find easy to use in monitoring your investment portfolio.

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A team you can trust

Our team blends extensive domain expertise investing in African financial markets with experience developing software applications for Wall Street firms.

  • Aéko Ongodia, CFA

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer

    Aéko brings over 10 years in the African financial markets. He co-founded QuantEast Advisory, an institutional investment advisory firm. He was formerly a fixed income portfolio manager at NSSF Uganda in charge of U$1.3 billion and also spent 5 years at Bank of Uganda.

    Education: MS Applied Mathematics – Stony Brook, MSc Mathematical Trading and Finance – Cass Business School, BSc Quantitative Economics – Makerere University.
  • Yury Ovetsky

    Chief Technology Officer

    20+ years as a developer building software for Wall St firms including Morgan Stanley, Deutsche, AIG, AXA, KCG, etc. Founded ihelpster.com, a startup that recommends services in different parts of the US.

    Education: BS Computer Information Science – Khmelnitsky Polytechnic College.
  • Grace Semakula, CFA


    Grace brings over 10 years of capital markets and investment experience. He co-founded QuantEast Advisory and is currently responsible for investor relations at Umeme. Previously equities portfolio manager at NSSF Uganda responsible for investing over $300million and also served as a research analyst at African Alliance Uganda.

    Education: BSc Mathematics and Statistics – Makerere University
  • Brian Ongodia

    Investment Associate

    Brian has previously worked at QuantEast Advisory and African Alliance Uganda. He is our in-house research analyst covering the financial markets in the East African region. Brian’s core competencies include equity and fixed income research.

    Education: BSc Financial Mathematics – Uganda Martyr's University.

What people are saying

"The platform is user friendly and one that would benefit interested investors who have little time to follow markets"


"It forces you to be deliberate about your savings plan and take decisions based on professional advice."


"The idea of online investment advisory is very appealing. The convenience and ease of access should translate into a fairly affordable model."


"The website is well designed, have confidence in the team manning it."


"Very extensive explanations, very user friendly, flexibility in money transfer options."


"Clear process of establishing investment risk appetite."


"I can get professional financial advice at such an affordable rate."


"Convenience, ease of navigation and quick response."


"I like the questions about the investment profile of a potential investor and the way the results are displayed of a potential investment portfolio. I also like general look of it. Very easy to navigate."


Common Questions

What is the minimum amount you can start with?

Investors can start with as low as USh 100,000. However, we realize everyone’s circumstances are different. You could decide to define a goal (e.g. retirement) and invest a lump sum amount at the beginning. Alternatively, one can start with a modest minimum amount and periodically add to their investment account (e.g. monthly contributions) over the investment horizon.

Can I speak to an investment advisor?

Yes! If at any time in the process you are unsure how to proceed or you simply just want to talk to the team, we encourage you to reach out to us using the details provided under our (407) 977-2249

(530) 631-9643 Contact XENO