My name is Artyom, I play Shadowbane for years on live servers. I was born in Grozny, my family move to St. Petersburg when fighting started in Chechnya. I play the game while at St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University for study of computer science, and there I met my woman Olga. I quit the game a year after expansion Throne of Oblivion comes out. In 2014 I decided with Olga we want to play Shadowbane again, so me and Olga work for make new Shadowbane server. I have skills to program the game, Olga is professional white hat, with skill to help unwind the program. We have worked for long time and hope for have players enjoy our server for new Shadowbane server Magicbane!

Server Specs: 16 Core Dual Xeon E5-2670 @2.6ghz, 32GB of DDR3 RAM Magicbane Contains 121,213 lines of non-comment source code

Player PvP better than live servers (melee too!)

Fully functional lag-free banes

Realms,maintenance, and runegates fully functional

Every Shadowbane map available for any wipe and ability to create new map!

Classic Shadowbane from patch 24.3 including runbuffs and stylecasting

Every piece of furniture, NPC, mob, and building exactly as it was from high fidelity sourcings


The Team


Bit Twiddler


Whitehat Hacker


Hardware Mens

How To Play Magicbane

Magicbane uses a new Shadowbane launcher to ensure you no longer need to manually edit the ArcaneIP.cfg and always have the most up-to-date version of the game. Ensure you've registered on our Forums and confirmed your registration via e-mail. Once you have an account, download our launcher here. Place the launcher inside the main Shadowbane folder and run as administrator. You may be prompted to patch the launcher or the game itself and once complete ensure above the launcher bar it says "Verified" and select "Play to Crush" to start Magicbane! You can also find Magicbane patch notes by opening the launcher.

You can find the Magicbane Launcher for download 3095944532.

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