Melting Pot Manages You.

The World Is Watching. Let Melting Pot Make Sure You Stand Out.

Social Media Management

If your business is great, the world deserves to know! Let us take care of showing you off. That means less time wasted on talking about what you do, and more time doing what you do best. 

Individual Brand Management

We are here for you! If you work hard as an individual we respect and encourage that to the fullest. Put your reputation in the Melting Pot and the results are sure to come out excellent. 

Affordable Web Design And Domain Management

No matter what stage you or your business’ website may be in, Melting Pot Management has a solution for you. Look below to find the perfect solution for your current needs and desires, then contact us and watch your visions become reality. 

Online Marketing And Analytics

Don’t know SEO? Don’t worry Melting Pot Management has you covered. With our team constantly keeping up with analytics for your site and making necessary adjustments for you. Your business will be viewed on the internet more than ever. 

Event Management

No matter the size of the event, the planning  and execution of a great event can be problematic to say the least. The work load can seem daunting to some, but this is what we do every day here at Melting Pot. Put your event in our hands and then sit back and watch it be executed professionally and smoothly. 

Brand Monitoring

They say your reputation is all that you really have at the end of the day. This same principal applies to business as well. With our brand monitoring software, we are able to track any and every time your brand is mentioned online. This will give you the piece of mind knowing that your brands’ name is not being tarnished. 

About us

Founded by two former college roommates through Oklahoma State University’s “Entrepreneurship Incubator” program; Melting Pot Management has developed into a diverse, efficient and high quality business. The name Melting Pot Management was conceived because of the diverse cultural, economic, regional and philosophical backgrounds that the two founders had. Here at Melting Pot Management we believe that when you challenge each others ideas and put multiple perspectives together, then the results are as pure and refined as gold. 

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Time is money.

Here At Melting Pot Management, we understand the time and effort it takes to run your business. Let our team of professionals assist you, so you can focus on what you do best. 

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Location Is Everything...But Is It?

Melting Pot has two great base locations that we operate out of at this time. Palm Springs, California and Irving, Texas. Both of our locations offer the same great services, however, with the ability to do remote meetings and consultations; Melting Pot has the ability to assist you with your business no matter where your business may be!