Wasatch Quilting designs and digitizes digital quilting patterns for all long arm computerized quilting machines.

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Don't forget to be putting things in your wish list to make it easier on you during our Annual 50% off everything sale, (except past club sets and gift certificates).

Sale run date, November 17th to December 1st. 

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Remember as a club member you will receive your club discount on top of the 50% off. 

To Purchase Past Club Patterns

Hover over the pattern clubs button, then go to, "to view or purchase past club sets, to click on the club you are a member of. Choose the year you want to view and don't forget to choose your format.

Events We Will Be at in 2019

Increase your Business by increasing your Knowledge! Don't miss these fantastic opportunities to make the best of your Quilting Business and give your customers what they deserve, the best YOU!

Birds of a Feather Conference - ABM Innova -  (February

East Coast Gammill Conference - Statler Gammill - (March 21 - 24)


Southern Belle - Statler Gammill - (March 28 - 31)


Sugar Conference  Statler Gammill - (June


Handi Quilter Boot Camp - (June 2019)

The best way to build your pattern library at a fraction of the cost is to 573-584-4143. Click on the club of your choice, read about the benefits, and follow the instructions for joining the club. Add the club to your cart it will show a zero balance but you have to follow the purchase through as if there were a balance. Once you have completed the purchase you need to sign out then back in so the site will recognize you as a member, then your benefits will start. This is not purchasing any patterns, just joining the club. If you now wish to purchase past club sets, follow the instructions above. If you do not sign out after joining the club before you try to purchase club patterns, the site will not recognize you as a member and you will not be allowed to purchase club patterns. Any questions please feel free to (919) 350-4097.

Check out our Masters Club Patterns valued between $400-$600, you get them for $25 a month!! 310-485-6624, we believe you will agree that we have the best value on the Internet for a pattern club.

Please note: To download your Monthly Club patterns: You will be emailed a receipt right away. Scroll down to the bottom of the receipt and you will find a link to click on. Click on the link and download your patterns to an area on your computer set aside for downloads. Before you put your patterns on your quilting computer you will need to unzip the files. After you have successfully unzipped your files you may transfer them to your quilting computer. You will never be billed for patterns that are not ready to send out. If you for any reason corrupt or lose your files or find something wrong with them please email us at (307) 329-2137 and we will send the files directly. You can also get them from (814) 878-9181 under your profile at any time.

Available Digital Formats

  • Auto Cad - DXF
  • ABM Innova - PAT
  • Compuquilter - CQP & DXF
  • HQ Prostitcher - HQF & QLI
  • Intelliquilter - IQP & DXF
  • PC Quilter - TXT
  • QBOT HPGL Plotter files - PLT
  • Side Saddle - SSD & DXF
  • Statler Stitcher - DXF & QLI
  • Pro Q takes MQR (I do not have the MQR format but Pro Q will change a DXF or QLI into the MQR format)
  • Grace QuiltMotion GPF format available upon request, but QLI will convert and work well