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Transforming Church Administration


By on May 29, 2018

The presence and continuous growth of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has brought about several positive transformations in the manner that different organizations are being run today. There is little or no doubt that in today’s world; no serious organization can truly ‘break the bounds’ without integrating ICT related platforms into their conventional business process.

Data is a business’ most precious asset, and in this data-driven world, any organisation that isn’t collecting, storing and using data would be devoured alive by those who are. The PHIXOTECH integrated church administration software (C-PHIX V1) is a web based enterprise application software built on latest technology and designed to enhance the overall performance of a church by improving the effectiveness and quality of work. It offers a systematic and automated approach to the entire document/data administration and management process as well as workflow integration.

The (C-PHIX v1) system efficiently manages the key processes critical to the success of any church. With this application a church can successfully track the records of her members and also project into the future based on the numerical and financial statistics that the system will help gather overtime. Usage of this application will impact upon your organization’s effectiveness in task and process management, as well as grow your church numerically.

Udensi Lilian Ijeoma