The Five Circles of Life

You don't have to be in real estate or lending a long time to realize that your business and life are interconnected. Naturally, your business can have a positive impact on your personal life, such as offering the potential to earn a significant income and the ability to work flexible hours. But our business also tends to be all-consuming, which can quickly rob agents and lenders of any life outside of work.

Each circle in the Buffini & Company logo represents one of the five major areas of a person's life:

Spiritual, Family, Business,
 Financial and Personal (Physical and Emotional).

The circles are joined to show that one area of life affects all the others.

Buffini & Company is excited to share with you the Working by Referral system, which takes a holistic approach to operating your business so that all five circles in your life remain linked in harmony.

The Authors

Brian Buffini is Chairman and Founder of Buffini & Company. Born and raised in Ireland, he immigrated to the United States in 1986 and entered the real estate business in San Diego. Rather than follow traditional lead-generation methods, however, Buffini developed a sophisticated framework to grow his business… (740) 596-2423

Joe Niego, as a neighborhood kid growing up on the South Side of Chicago, always had a love for hard work and helping people. Alongside his brothers, he was a star college basketball player and was the second draft choice of the NBA's Houston Rockets. Sports Illustrated, The New York Times and USA Today are just some of the publications that covered Niego's story and his career was the… Read More