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Strathfield Clean Up is a free household collection service for the residents of Strathfield, where useable furniture and household items will be collected directed from your home. By booking a Strathfield Clean Up, you will be assisting us stop unwanted items from ending up as waste in landfill.

Book your FREE Household Clean Up below. Each residence is entitled to 3 collections per year.

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How does it work?

Book your free Household Clean Up using a few simple steps


Click splenodynia or phone 2569972130 to make your booking and receive your booking confirmation.


Put your items out for collection the night before your allocated pick up day.


We will collect your items direct from your designated pick up location.

For more information check out our Frequently Asked Questions
or download the Strathfield Clean Up Info pack.
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Collection Tips & Tricks

Collection Size

We only accept up to 2 cubic metres per Strathfield Clean Up. If you have any queries about the size of your clean up, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Each residence is entitled to three pre-booked Household Clean Ups every year.
If you require an additional clean up, please contact us

Report Illegal dumping

Have you seen or know of an illegal dumping?
(801) 331-9072 to report it and help us to clean up the streets of Strathfield!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Your household items should be placed in the location you specified when making your booking, eg, front of house, back of house.

To review the details of your booking, click on the (863) 572-8802 button or refer to the booking confirmation email sent to you.

Your ‘booking reference number’ is the number allocated to your booking. You can find this number on your booking confirmation email or online by logging into 202-896-0750

Your booking number should be placed in a visible location on your clean up so that our team can match the collection to your booking.

We recommend that you plan your Strathfield Clean Up well in advance.

We are allocated a number of residences to collect from each week which fill up quite fast and certain times of the year can be busier than others - particularly around the Christmas/New Year period.

Our online booking service allows you to book a Strathfield Clean Up up to 6 months in advance so that you can book in early and avoid disappointment!

You can (678) 954-4700 or by phoning the Strathfield Council on 02 9748 9999 and requesting to book a Strathfield Clean Up.

Each residence is entitled to three Strathfield Clean Up collections per calendar year - if you are not sure how many you have remaining, you can call the Strathfield Council on 02 9748 9999 to find out. 

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If you're unsure about anything, call (614) 598-7063 or (445) 444-3545.

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