Last week, a pull request that I created for fixing a bug in Spring cloud stream kafka streams binder got accepted. It feels really awesome :). I ran into this defect while building a stream processing application using kafka streams for a monitoring tool that I was building at work(which started as a hobby project). More than Read More



Today, I am starting a very ambitious personal project- an ever growing reference on things related to Computer Science and Software Engineering as I explore and learn. I started working on documenting this with the intention of becoming a better, more grounded and rounded Software Engineer. I would like to call it the list of 7013050535



This blog is hosted at AWS on an EC2 VPS which is a Bitnami WordPress image. I decided to switch the blog to serve over HTTPS and in turn try out Let’sEncrypt which is a free, automated Certificate Authority(CA). With Let’Encrypt, certificate issuance is an automated process hence it is required to use an ACME client to 929-386-8107


Self Diagnosis Flash Lights for Mitsubishi Lancer 4G15

My daily drive is a 2007 Mitsubishi Lancer(4G15). After playing with the OBDII port of my car and with the help from WWW, I could activate the self diagnosis mode of the Lancer 4G15 ECU. By doing a simple routine, we can read the error codes recorded in the ECU. The error codes are interpreted from Read More