This record still stands.

You're safe now.

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They were trying to kill him.

I always lose.

When it comes to music I have no ear for it.

I'm humming.

He wasn't there.

Kamel has lost his new umbrella.

I rent a room by the month.

Please give Louise everything he asks for.

I was just going out, when it began to rain.

Be careful not to catch a cold.

Theodore never really got over Nathaniel.

I have other things to attend to.

I'll swim with Kirsten tomorrow.

Do not open those windows.

All Claude left was a note.

I've seen Yvonne.

I wish it were fine today.

I'm saying I never laid a hand on Jacques.

Clean out the shed and throw away things you don't need.

The canteen had not a drop of water left.

I don't think you have to know it.

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Give it another shot.


Speak to him in English.

It looks like a shopping bag.

I felt like reading the detective story.


None of the students could solve the problem.

Michiel tried to sneak into the movie theater without paying.

Please come!

Do you believe in spirits?

Knudsen needed a hammer.

Do you think I should apologize to Bryan?

Can you ski?

Hyderabad was ruled by a nizam until 1948.

He was pumping the pedals of the bicycle hard.

His failure in the examination drove him to despair.

Mark becomes lethargic in the summer heat.

Hating others is foreign to her.

What were Monica and Ragnar doing here?

Do you think I should go?

The person I look forward to working with is Richard.

You've got the wrong code.

I cannot invite Taninna. We don't talk to each other.

Why don't you let us help you?

The calf muscle is located on the back of the lower leg.

Amarth and Blair have three grown children and two grandchildren.

Classes begin next Tuesday.

He got a little irritated when he was approached by beggars.

I like meat, but eggs do not agree with me.

Grit in a sensitive instrument, or a crack in one of his own high-power lenses, would not be more disturbing than a strong emotion in a nature such as his.

I should get going.

Keep your room as neat as you can.

The hell with him!

There is no choice in this matter.

Reportedly, there were no casualties.

Among the divisors of 90, how many numbers are not divisible by 9?

Do you think Irfan will come?

I boiled one.

Jayant was on edge waiting for news of how Tharen's surgery went.

He likes sweet tea.

I believe it to be true.


It is inconceivable that he could ever win.

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A festival is held at the rice harvest.

Have you ever lived in a rural area?

His airplane crashed in the mountains.

The baby has a cute face.

O Hamlet, thou hast cleft my heart in twain.

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The trap is made of strong chains.

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Try and look busy.

Can you take this call for me?

Kenneth won't succeed.

We offer everyone the opportunity to toil in the mines.

Is it going to happen again?

I just wanted to tell Bonnie something.

Where did you get it?

This History textbook is intended for High school students.

That's just the way Moran is.


Good traditions should be preserved.

Jogging has become the favorite form of exercise.

I discovered too late that I left out the most important part of my speech.

Our daughter is none the better because we've been nursing.

Recently there have been a lot of nasty incidents with fraud.

Instead of giving each other Christmas presents this year, we donated the amount we would have spent on presents to a charity.

Petr believes Debbie made the right decision.

I'm going to Russia.

Our escape was nothing short of miracle.

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They're thinking about getting married.


I think I'm a likeable guy.


She cried all morning and was still weepy at dinnertime.

I am Hungarian.

Wash your hands first, then eat.

The answer is anything but simple.

In North America when a person shrugs his shoulders it means "I don't know".

The Ship Island region was as woody and tenantless as ever.

Kee might not have a driver's license.


I want to play chess with Matti.

Vincenzo eats out a lot.

He was cut down in his prime.

I don't think it means anything.

Give a yell if you need anything.

It's too smoky here for me.

The villain threatened to defenestrate the hostages.


I think this is something Loren would really have enjoyed.

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I grabbed a book off the shelf.

What size do you wear?

She has no self-esteem.


Tell her that I'm ready.

I'll do it first thing in the morning.

Now you're safe.


Do you know a better way?

Who was this picture painted by?

Desalination of water is worthwhile where fresh water is expensive.

That would be unlikely.

We can do so much more.

No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.

No talking during the test, people.


That person is like me.

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I advised him to come back at once.

If you want to keep healthy, you should do more exercises.

Doug spends a lot of time on her phone, texting and e-mailing her friends.


I just want to say thanks to you all.

The next meeting will be on the tenth of June.

I have a problem here.

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Making friends with people doesn't have anything to do with how long you know them.

How many players are there in a soccer team?

Just wait right here.

She's up the duff.

We both have things we can't let go.

You have to go back home.

Kyu asked Ken how many people had come to her party.

We are humans and we are from Earth.

My French is very limited.

Would people complain about that?

Prakash was a champion long-distance swimmer.

Manavendra slammed the door in my face.

How many clients do you have?


My headache is gone.

Peter bumped into a certain Jenine on his way to school.

I don't know exactly what to do.

The first thing I did after getting home was taking my shoes off.

What's the weather like today?

Shakil didn't have to tell me about what happened, but he did.

He is a terrible fidget.

We should have stopped while we had the chance.

I injured myself during PE class.


I trust him to some extent.

She brushed away the dust.

Sometimes the silence is more talkative than the speech.

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I read the letter for him.

I don't know if I can handle this alone.

His hair was tousled.

Mutual understanding promotes peace.

He was really a child of his times.

You're full of surprises today.

How much did you have to pay Emily to get him to shovel the snow off your roof?

You will be held accountable.

How much did you get for it?

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We've been doing just fine.


I am interested in studying German culture.


Carole doesn't need to know where I'm going.

I'm done.

Osamu Dazai committed suicide.


Harv eventually left.

Thanks so much for coming!

Let's schedule it for some other time.

Merat seems to be much taller than he used to be.

It's 6:15pm.

Every year, spring brings warm weather to our town.

I'll take care of it from here.

Ricky loves Sherman, but she doesn't love him.

This knife is used to cut meat.