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A very famous saying says "Nothing is permanent in the world, except change" and this can be seen in the corporate world too. In the last few decades, the business world abroad has seen radical changes, which has also changed our pace of doing business, for e.g. it took John Rockerfella of Standard Oil, a few decades to be a Millionaire, Bill Gates of Microsoft took a decade and Mr. Dell of Dell Computers took half the time. There was one thing common in all three, as well as our own Dhirubhai Ambani, they believed in Networking. Networking of minds, talents and work all across and that is what made them successful, and now the power of Networking is brought to you by Amrut Multi trade Creating a network of people and helping them to make their dreams come true. The company offers unlimited earning opportunities regardless of your background / experience or qualification.

Gangadhar Bargaje
Dr.Vijay Dolhe
Nilkant patil
S.M patil
Dr Maruti Jadhav
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