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Our website may have changed but our high level of customer service and offer of designer pens remains the same. Our website is an ever evolving stationery shop and we appreciate your feedback. Let us know what you think.

Free Laser Engraving

If you see our 'free laser engraving' symbol on the item you're viewing, you can personalise the piece with a bespoke name or message. Perfect for a gift, to add professional branding or simply to make sure nobody accidentally borrows your favourite pen. View our engraving guide.


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Revered by those in the know, The Sailor Pen Company produce some of the finest fountain pens available. Founded in Japan in 1911, Sailor have been producing high quality pens ever since.

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Visit our blog for news, reviews and writing related articles and curios, keeping you connected with our online pen company.


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Once the staple pen for all & now viewed more as luxury pens - they don't have to be - whilst we stock limited edition pens for collectors we also carry fountain pens suitable for everyday use and budgets.

Diamine Inks

Diamine Inks

Established in 1864 Diamine continue to manufacture fountain pen inks in Liverpool UK. These high quality inks are available in 111 colours in bottles & also 25 colours in convenient international standard cartridges.

Pen Refills

Pen Refills

Quality, original refills for all the pen companies we carry - from fountain pen inks to mechanical pencil leads - all types of pen refills are available.

Fisher Space Pens

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The now legendary Fisher bullet space pen was developed by Paul Fisher and has been used on manned space flights by Russian, American and European space agencies. Made in Nevada USA.



We're The Pen Company by name but we also stock a large range of pencils including pencils for artists, writers & doodlers, traditional wood cased pencils, colouring pencils and mechanical pencils.