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Dried Fish Skin Treats for Dogs

We offer a new type of a natural dog treat made solely out of dried fish skin without any additives or preservatives and it is fat free! Unprocessed food such as natural dried fish skin is great for the dog's teeth and gives them a beautiful coat! Dogs feeding on natural raw food have fewer problems with allergies and other common problems.


is a natural behavior for dogs and puppies and it provides them with a number of benefits. For many dogs it is an enjoyable pastime but for some it has a therapeutic function: giving the dog relief from boredom, frustration or anxiety. Puppies also chew to to relieve their gums while teething and strengthen their jaws and develop the adult teeth. Chewing is good for preventing the buildup of tartar on the teeth, thus avoiding that dragon breath.

Elinora's Royal Natural Snack is Fat and Sugar free!

Dried fish skin provides an appropriate natural outlet for your dog's chewing instinct. Elinora's Royal Natural Snack is made solely out of dried Icelandic fishskin. It is a purely natural product without any additives or preservatives. About 77% of the dried fish skin is protein and the rest is mostly fiber. It is very healthy for dogs and especially beneficial for maintaining good teeth and a beautiful coat. In addition dried fish skin is excellent for puppies at teething time! The product is packed in biodegradable bags, each containing 100 g. (3.5 oz) of dried fish skin.

Fish is an excellent source of pure protein but also contains essential fatty acids which are an important part of a dog's diet. In recent years a good deal of research has been conducted into the health benefits of omega fatty acids for dogs, and specifically on those omega-3 acids found in fish oils. Fish from deep cold waters, such as those surrounding Iceland, are especially rich in these acids. If you are interested more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

A pure natural product of Iceland

Nature Knows Best!



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