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2018 Averages & Trophy Advertisement

See the Average and trophy winners for the 2018 season, click on to the file: - Averages, Cups & Trophy Winners 2018

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Click on to the link: - 302-337-0117

2018 Coutances YB & OH Winners Report -

Read the Coutances YB & OH Winners report by Chris Sutton, NFC Press Officer: -

Seventy Four year old David Lee had moved to his present address two years ago and although he had kept pigeons since he was a boy, he had


NFC Subscriptions re 2019 -

Regarding an automated e-mail sent by the website: -

Dear Members,

An e-mail has been sent out to those members with their e-mail address registered on this site. 

2018 Members in Sections Report -

In the period between the last old bird race and the young bird race in September I have decided to compile a couple of articles to give due recognition to strong performance lofts within each section. To this aim I had asked the fanciers who have helped me with the section reports for each race to assist me once again. This report is by no means conclusive as many will be on holiday so I hope to follow up with a further report to complete all the sections once I have the information to hand, if you feel someone has been missed out please let me know and we can make an inclusion in my next article.

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