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Beautiful hand-made soaps taking up to 3 weeks to make and made with the finest natural ingredients. These do not contain sulphates, pthalates, and other nasty stuff.The naturally high glycerine content moisturises and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Try them, and feel the difference.

About Shea

For the new friends .. an over view of SHEA. You know, just in case you don’t already know. So here goes.

What we are.

SHEA have been around for some time and our little shop has changed because of you. And this is a chage in a good way. We are now one of the best places to buy really pure skin care products for those with Hyper sensitive skin, as well as fantsatic head to toe range of products for normal skin that are fun to use, and make for exceptional & inexpensive gifts. They are often used by big companies as corporate gifts too..

Many of our customers are now friends and pop by for a cup of coffee or tea, or cupcakes etc. You know, a really homey shop. The area around us too has improved. We are now connected to both Metro at Centr Point and Somerset MRT. We have a nice little traditional coffeeshop just across from us too. If you want a salad, you’re in luck. A brilliant salad bar has opened across us. And in the mood for cupcakes? Yup, got that too. Another cute cupcake shop across our little shop.

Shold you feel hungry? We have two full blown restaurants flanking us, with exotic stuff like crocodile meat. Yes, you read it right. So, the area around us has developed. Pop in for some body care, and grab a bit, and pop in again for the stuff you forgot! Brilliant.

So, what do we offer? Firstly, our products must be vegan friendly, handmade, use only pure essential ils and must never have been tested on animals. Neither ingredients nor the end product. We should not make animals suffer for our luxury. The packaging used has to be simple and non-wasteful, and recyclable. We do try to do our part.

Because of you, SHEA now carries the best PURE ARGAN OIL in the world. Yes, our little shop carries the BEST Argan OIL in the world. Really good to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and for massaging babies, hair treatment, nail treatment, soothing new tattoos etc. Our Argan Oil is hand pressed (the only one in the world) and the local ladies coop run by the manufacturer themselves ensure the ladies get a respectable income to help improve their quality of life. Being so pure, it keeps for a very long time whout the need for additives and preservatives

We also have an absolutely brilliant UNREFINED SHEA BUTTER for thos with Eczema and other skin issues. This is Pure Shea Butter, no chemicals, no fragrnace, no crap. Just pure soothing butter. It is brilliant for pregnant mums whose tummies are stretching, and itching. Oue SHEA Butter is still made by hand over an open wood fire and stirred continuously by hand. We buy from this source as it helps local ladies coops and rural communities. It does not contain any chemicals or preservatives and is absolutely pure.

Our super acne reducing BLACK SOAP deeply cleanses to help control acne. It can be used for both facial and body acne. If you have exceptionally oily hair, this is the soap for you too. This is absolutely chemical free and the manufacturer asures us that this will continue to be so. Local communities make this by hand the traditional way, over a charcoal fire. The money earned goes to helping local communities. Made with shea butter and cocoa butter with no preservatives, this is truly a marvellous product

One of our first products was a range of bespoke cold process soap. These soaps take about 3 weeks to make and made with the finest blend of ingredients. The blends of pure essential oils in them make them a joy to use.  They do not contain any nasty chemicals like sulphates, parabens, pthalates etc. They are so smooth on the skin, they nourish the skin with their high glycerine contant and wash off easily. That’s a sign that this is truly a high quality hand made cold process soap.  Tey leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised.

Also one of our pioneering products is our FRESH GOAT’S MILK SOAP. The unique thing here is that the soaps are made with 100% pure Goat’s Milk. No water is added. Why goat’s milk? During the soap makin process, not all the fats in the milk convert to soap. There are free fats still present. Also, being a cold process soap, it retains it’s high glycerine content. Together, this makes for a fnatastic soothing soap for those with dry, itchy skin. This, couples with the fact that it is completely chemical free, makes it absolutely superb for infants too.

A new member of our soapy family is our SEAWEED BASED product range. The products were created by someone suffering from psoriasis himself. After going through numerous useless treatments that were destroying his body, he created a range of products that were chemical free and plant based. These products are super soothing and give relief to those with dy, itchy, flaky skin. We have had so many success stories that it would be strange that someone suffering fromm such conditions not try this.

Sometimes, old is good. In our case, we mean VERY old. Our ARYUVEDIC HAIR OIL uses and ancient indian formulation with more than 30 herbs and spices to create an effective ANTI-HAIRFALL OIL that also helps control DANDRUFF. We have sold so many bottles of this that we have lost count. Forget fancy schmancy hair goop. This works on the scalp and really helps. And, did I mention, it is effective. Try it for a few months and see the results yourself.

As we believe in the power of nature, and the value of old knowledge, we went looking for a special OLIVE OIL SOAP, a soap that is made by a very traditional method, by cooking over a fire in a cauldron. It is cooked for hours by hand, and then finally poured into huge moulds. After a week, the soap is cut into slabs, stamped and then left to dry. This takes about 4 weeks. It then comes to us and we dry it for a further 4 weeks. This soap has no fragrance, and as natural as can be. After using it a few times, you would never consider using anything else. This is something everyone must try.

Being nice people, we aim to have something for everyone, and do we have SOMETHING. We have a wonderful range of products is the cutest packaging that is recyclable. The range has products from HEAD TO TOE and use pure essential oils and ingredients of the finest quality. They make for wonderful, responsible gifts that recipents will love. If fact, you might love them too much too and want to keep them for yourselves. Corporates too love these and often get them from us for door gifts etc. They also have a fantastic range of candles and other home and cupboard fragrances that keeps everything smelling hunky-dory, be it a pine forest in spring, warm sexy woods or fresh zingy and energetic notes.

Talking of fragrances, sometimes, a specialist is good. Like our REED DIFFUSORS that come from the region that is well known for creating fragrances for all the big names. And, to make it better, the fragrances are made with pure essential oils in an organic base oil. How cool is that! What blows our mind is that the fragrance keeps on giving even after the oils have run down. And they last for such a long time. Definitely something for reed diffusor fanatics. And our CANDLES, well, that you must experience for yourself! Come on by!

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