This web site is about more than back or neck pain. Or headaches. It is about health care choices.

For example, you have been getting migraine headaches for quite some time and go to the “doctor.” You come away with a prescription for a strong drug or drugs that will help to numb the pain. But many also produce undesirable side effects.

Alternatively, you can come to this office, receive a chiropractic adjustment, and your headache will be relieved. I have had many patients with just this problem, where a commitment to health through chiropractic care resulted in a dramatic reduction of headache including migraine headaches.

Maybe you have been told that you need surgery for your back pain and sciatica. And, that only surgery will help the ruptured disk in your back. You will be happy to know that you probably do not need surgery. Again, an alternative approach, one that is, in my opinion, more effective, is the non surgical conservative approach of chiropractic care followed by a specific regimen of rehabilitative exercises and even nutritive protocols. Over the years, I have helped dozens of patients recover from these debilitating problems. Only a very small percentage of the absolutely worst disc cases go on to need surgery.

When most people think of chiropractic, they think of back or neck pain. Sometimes headache pain. Now we can expand to include Alternative Health Care. Where staying healthy is the objective. Lifestyle, stress, fitness, nutrition, muscle balance, and spinal alignment are the keys to health and longevity. Having to be medicated because you already have a severe problem is not the position that most people want to be in.

I offer an approach to holistic chiropractic health care that I call “In-Balance Chiropractic.” This approach encompasses a combination of chiropractic, kinesiology, nutrition, and exercise to maintain the body-mind in the most balanced state possible. Additionally, we are now using laboratory analysis to further aid in identifying deficiencies, toxins and endocrine imbalances.

The “In-Balance” functional approach offers holistic preventative health care as a refreshing alternative to pathology based the traditional medicine. As millions of people have benefited from chiropractic care, it is now thought to be a apart of an integrative, functional health care model. Once you have experienced the results of this balanced, functional approach to health, you may wonder why you did not do it sooner.

At Fusion Chiropractic and Wellness you have choices. Simple straight forward chiropractic care,or a comprehensive approach to bringing you wellness and balance.

Your continued health, happiness and success are our goals.