We'll never see each other again.

She didn't think her dream would ever come true.

He has been warned many times.

She blew on her hands to warm them.


Young people are apt to behave that way.

It's the first time in my life I've felt so connected with someone.

I can't stop him.

She passed the examination by working hard.

Do you think he still loves my letters?


There are dragons here.

I found holes here and there.

I remarked on his hair style.

You were so good at tennis. Why did you give it up?

Bear these rules in mind.

We've got to make sure.

That's how I feel about her.

Home prices are falling.

I'm optimistic.


I arrived outside the dressing room.

We'll get one.

She wears heavy makeup.

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I am anticipating a good vacation at the seaside.

Do you want me to try to do that?

I used to dream about being married to you.


Cats have the ability to see in the dark.

I never knew I needed you so much.

It uses solar power.

What would be best for them?

Shuvra went out and left the door open.

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I get a busy signal when I try to call Kyu.


Boyd nodded slowly.

The house is fenced around.

I'm not trying to prove anything.

Patrick sighed heavily.

The company lost a lot of corporate memory when it retrenched a number of middle managers.

Clearly, both drivers weren't paying attention to the road.

I decorated it.

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This is the first time I've ever had dinner out.

Raman walked into the drugstore.

Did you get this from him?

Have you ever done any volunteer work?

Christmas-time drew near and many young trees were cut down.


The valley echoes the sound of the waterfall.


How would you do it?

I'm going to rest before I go out.

My wife holds the purse strings in our family.

It's a skilful card player.

I have a contract.


They bound him to a pole.

Who told us to do that?

Since the start of the civil war in Syria in March 2011, more than 42,000 people have been killed.


Ray is a fire swallower.

It works the same way in every country. Well, almost.

What did Metin say exactly?

Can you help me figure it out?

Too much is too much!


She's getting on all right.


In the end, with effort everything will be good.

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In the winter the elk congregate on the golf course.

How many languages do you know?

Miss Nicholas swam from Dover on the English side to France in 8 hours and 58 minutes, then turned around and returned to England.

She has a funny face.

Touch a document.

You know that as well as I do.

I just want to know why Clay left.

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Do you think she still wants to see me?

Dan handed the map to Linda.

All you have to do is follow me.

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The godless community was perceived as uncivilised by its neighbours.

Remember to keep your mind calm.

Do you know what you just allowed to happen?

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I've been in Boston.

My friend is here.

She got up and left in the middle of our conversation.

I only want to know the facts.

I think I made a good impression.

I can understand him perfectly.

Excuse me, do you mind if I sit here?

They sowed wheat in their field.

A fat guy with moustache just walked in.


The band released an album of tributes to the groups that had influenced their sound.

We have hundreds of records in stock.

Will you remind me to post these letters?

The pupils burst out laughing.

Mehrdad finished.

I really want to stay.

We helped them as well.

I was only three years old in 2013.

Felix says that he detests war.

I trust him because he never tells a lie.

Linley thinks his leg is broken.

Roxanne just got his learner's permit.

She regained consciousness in the hospital.

I gave them another chance.

I won't be here next month.

We want to move to Boston.

I'm going to deal with him.

Thanks for doing that.

No one can remember his last name exactly.

One apple a day keeps the doctor away!

That was all Chinese to me.

There is no more difficult task than that.

We are aiming at establishing the five-day workweek.


He speaks with a forked tongue.

You cheated me once, but you will never catch me again.

It is a general popular error to suppose the loudest complainers for the publick to be the most anxious for its welfare.

I know it's against the law to do what we just did.

Siegurd and Louiqa had a nice time together.

I kept walking until my feet got tired.

Izzy needs a bigger boat.


All of my brothers have jobs.

You're my closest friend.

Can you stand his deeds?


We have lunch break between 12.30 and 1.30.

Don't put words in my mouth that I haven't said.

I took the job without giving it much thought.

250 copies are available from our official shop.

We're half right.

Amazingly heads turned to the female wolves as they began to howl. It was a sign of younger wolves.

He is very honest.

This isn't much fun.

Meeks is still talking to Jeff.

How will you earn your daily bread?

This ain't normal.

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No sooner had we sat down than we found it was time to go.

He is so nice that everyone likes him.

I appreciate your advice.

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My teacher told me that I should have spent more time preparing my speech.


Did he go home yesterday?

You must look over the contract before you sign it.

The truth is relative, just as everything in the world is relative.

Tell me where you were last night at the time of the murder.

My pet bear always sleeps on the floor by my bed, right under the portrait of Putin.

He saw the file.

He won the genetic lottery.

Jacques closed the gate.

No one dances sober, unless he is insane.

Cristi doesn't want justice. He wants vengeance.

Loren was saved from drowning.

She ignores him completely.

I need to enlist your help.

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Cold weather lasted there for weeks longer.


Matthias was under-dressed for the occasion.

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How did it go last night?

I thought about them.

Case was a loner.


Including responses up to 'It bothers me a bit', over 70% of respondents said that they were concerned about their pores and skin texture.


We're not done.

The man who makes but one mistake a year because he makes but two decisions is wrong fifty per cent of the time.

I miss her so much.

I've been so busy.

You must think I'm a complete idiot.

If John phones me, please tell him I'll be back by seven o'clock.

She wouldn't be happy with him.

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Skip is extremely agitated.

Please call on me when it is convenient for you.

I wasn't prepared for this surprise.


He tried hard only to find that he was not fit for the job.

I know I'm not dreaming.

They both laughed.


Knowest thou whence thou comest through the forest vale?

They charged us more than we expected.

It's a special occasion.

She made up her mind to try again.

Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much.

Tony is still single, isn't he?

Turn that up.