The sleeves of the sweater began to unravel.

How do I forget her?

His utter failure at the last peace conference has taught him to arm himself to the teeth with new tricks and tactics.

I don't want to run the risk of losing it.

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We're going now.

Malloy Jackson's obituary said that he was born in Boston.

Unlike Aristotle, Plato deemed women fit for the highest of positions in his republic.

He's Argentinian.

Could you spare a few hours?

Pratt was forced to eat at gunpoint.

Not everyone can be a poet.

You learn quickly.



The President will also continue to urge Congress to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 across the nation because no one who works full-time should have to raise their family in poverty.

I am God's creature and of Him I am part.

Agatha would've gone if he could've.


We're finalizing our budget.


You should refrain from smoking more.

I think you're attractive.

Let's find Lynn a nice office.

He said: "Leave me alone!"

Dinner is usually not ready until six o'clock.

Do you know how to read and write?

I've lived most of my life in the plains where trees and hills are scarce.

Do you plan to go to Tokyo by bus?

I don't know what to do about that.

Alvin smiled bravely.

Experience shows that to love doesn't mean to look at each other, but rather to look together into the same direction.

Jayesh was always very secretive.

She is an absent-minded and unreliable person.

Table salt is composed of sodium and chlorine atoms.

They have four classes in the morning.

Guess what that cost me.

I saw a beautiful bird.


Brooke is often wrong.

I can't believe this is really happening.

Why didn't you get married in Germany?


Interpreting is the most important part in translation.

Part of why corn syrup is in everything is because massive corn monocultures have created a surplus that agriculture companies are scrambling to get rid of.

They missed him.

We've got some new business coming in and I want to discuss it with you. Do you mind getting involved?

I don't think it's a trick.


It's important to learn to hope.

Do you like to live in the country?

He placed emphasis on the importance of education.


Removing her bikini top, yet keeping her bathing shorts on, Ram enjoyed the warmth of the sun, delighted that lying on the beach topless was accepted as normal and that no one was staring at her or at the other sun worshippers there.

Later, his shop becomes a club with young dancers.

He is the best for this project.

I am pleased that you have passed the exam.

Dan didn't even win the contest.

He is swimming in the river.

Everett knows everything that goes on around here.

I'll meet Perry there.

My uncle is in charge of the third-year class.

The seriously injured man was dead on arrival to the hospital.

You should've visited Boston.

I've had a horrible day.

"I told you, I like to be alone." "So do I! Let's do it together!"

Irwin is inclined to be lazy.

Do you want to go somewhere?

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One cannot learn a language without being in touch with the language.

My father is not home yet.

Please explain the grammar of 'as may be'.

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Like I told you before, it'll be getting cold soon.


Magnus is now in the fifth year.

It took him three months to learn to ride a bicycle.

I'm very relaxed.

Check out your options.

He wants to be anonymous.

Gerald is smiling now.

Ariel would've helped you.

I'm not the only one who can do this.

I believe you both know him.


The party ended at nine.

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Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them?

His story was interesting to us all.

You're shy, aren't you?

I wish Torsten would just shut up.

You're in love with someone else, aren't you?


He will be back in an hour.

I'll be with you as soon as I finish my dinner.

There was a subtle difference between their views.

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I should tell Bill everything.


Lenny sat on the beach all day, writing postcards.


Puffing and panting we continued to run with renewed vigor.


Shahid doesn't actually live in Boston.

People can say what they want.

Gynaecology is the medical practice dealing with the health of the ovaries, uterus, vagina, and breasts.

The conference passed off well.

War causes terrible miseries.


Be prompt in dealing with the problem.

The man I thought was the criminal didn't have any connection to the incident.

Irvin paid for it.

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I know nothing about it.

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I'm glad I make you happy.

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You'll feel at home.


I thought you were sleeping.

That made me uncomfortable.

That's the plan.

We can't wait for the weekend.

You haven't seen my cat?


Jeremy was prepared.

They chose him as their representative.

May I use the telephone for a while?

I prefer green rather than blue.

There was nothing that the doctors could do.

Several houses were damaged in the last storm.

Although we waited until ten o'clock, Bill never showed up.

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Mah said he didn't know how to do it.

Suwandi is an easy-going guy.

No ensemble can convey a composer's intent more forcefully than an orchestra.


Learning by heart is not the best way how to remember things.

That's something worth discussing.

Stu wasn't the one who gave us your name.

The meaning of the word "sex" is often unclear.

Young as he was, he was a man of ability.

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Vice couldn't shake the feeling that Connie was hiding something from him.


Can I see the wine list?

I'm planning on staying at Kathryn's tomorrow night.

The cat arched its back and stretched itself.

You cannot make omelets without breaking eggs.

It is sure that she will leave tomorrow.


Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building in the world.

I thought about heading over to Grace's, but decided not to.

Space travel will be commonplace some time in the future.


Edmond got up and walked out of the kitchen.


Please, let me out! I will be good, I promise!

He leaped over the shallow ditch.

My father told me to keep silent.

You need to let me in.

I went to the beach with them.

I don't remember it.

Note down what I'm going to say.

This text is all Greek to me!

No doubt she will win in the end.


This book is hers.


You are not a good person. You know that, right?

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I'm sure you'll be happy here.

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His eyes look like those of a leopard.

Does everyone agree with the minutes?

I hope to live in a mansion someday.


Masanao has barely said anything to me in the last three weeks.

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Roxanne suggested that Julius see a doctor.

How many tiles will we need?

It's raining hard outside.

"Do you find me repulsive?" "No, of course not."

Our school is across the river.

Fossil fuel prices shot through the roof.

The cat couldn't care less about the mouse's opinion.

I've had diarrhea since yesterday.

I'd like to help, but I can't.


Situated on a hill, his house commands a fine view.


You need to prune the roses.


I met Bradley when I was thirteen.

They all smiled.

You're not doing anything wrong.


I thought I wouldn't find you.


You love this car, don't you?