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National LGBT Alabamians 'Praying' for Roy Moore's Defeat

The special election on Tuesday for a seat to represent Alabama in the U.S. Senate has risen to national attention amid allegations of sexual misconduct by Roy Moore and many in the LGBT community see an opportunity to defeat him after enduring his anti-LGBT hostility over the years. READ MORE.

Ann Arbor Ann Arbor Theater Turns Again to its Inner Brit for the Holidays

Theatre NOVA presents the world premiere of "The Year Without a Panto Claus" by Carla Milarch and R. MacKenzie Lewis, running now through Dec. 31. READ MORE.


By the time you read this, the Supreme Court will have heard oral arguments in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, aka the "gay wedding cake" case. READ MORE.


As a gay teenager I hung out at the Hub Grill in downtown Detroit, a greasy spoon of a place, located at Farmer and Bates Streets, in convenient walking distance of four quite popular gay bars, city hall and the 1st Precinct police station!323-527-9582

(765) 546-2917

A week or two ago, a headline passed my eyes: "The transgender zealots are destroying truth itself," it seemed to scream, on an article by Peter Hitchens in the Daily Mail. Hitchens' point seems to be that, given a foothold, transgender people will force people to turn their backs against reality or face reprimand, citing a teacher who refused to accept the preferred gender of a student as an example of "political correctness." READ MORE.

Sports The OutField: It's a Big LGBT Sports World Out There

In the beginning, there was nothing. If you were an LGBT athlete, coach or fan, you were on your own. You had no idea there were others like you anywhere in the sports world. You thought you were alone. Though men and women were coming out in every other area - politics, entertainment, even the military - the locker room door remained firmly shut.6074884361

'A Light at the End of the Tunnel'

With effective biomedical interventions, but no cure, Michigan leaders believe the end of HIV could come as soon as in a decade.

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