Methodology for assessing bush fire risk
for low-risk vegetation

This model has not yet been endorsed by the proper agency.

In-field solution

Using a cloud-based infrastructure allows the short fire run model to be accessed on any device, anywhere, anytime.


Not yet endorsed by the proper agency.

Pay-per-use / Subscription

Pay only for the number of simulations you run, or, purchase an annual subscription for unlimited simulations.

A fresh approach

We created this service from the ground up. Designed to be fully scalable and to meet any requirements.

  • Rapid development

    Our project architecture allows for solutions to be developed and deployed on the fly.

  • Built for purpose

    Created in colloboration with Building Code & Bushfire Hazard Solutions.

  • Cloud based

    All interactions happen through the cloud - so you can run a simulation and generate a report anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

  • Code

    Our solution is scripted in Python and LaTeX, enabling fast and scalable solutions.

  • Secure

    All of your data is securely stored within Australia.

  • Continuous Integration

    We are always developing and deploying improvements. If you have a feature request or would like something changed, just reach out to the team.

Fire Code Australia

An in-field solution for short fire run simulations.