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What is CityGro?

CityGro gives your business intelligent communication with your customers.

1. Build a network.

CityGro provides the tools you need to collect customer data.

2. Track customer data.

Some call it stalking, we call it smart business.

3. Engage when they do.

Like automatically inviting new customers to be Insta-friends!

4. Engage when they don’t.

Like a friendly hello to old friends who haven’t been in for a while.

Here at CityGro, we believe that every customer counts and that your marketing strategy doesn’t end when a customer walks through the door; it begins. Our loyalty marketing software is designed to help you get your message in front of customers, find new ways to engage, and keep people coming back.

CityGro's marketing solutions are automated and data-driven, and they get sizzling hot results. Today's top brands rely on data collection and analysis to understand their customers and send the right messages to the right people. Our proven strategies are designed to help you grow your business by doing just that.

88%of customers collected by CityGro opt-in for further communication.

CityGro's loyalty marketing software allows you to engage and re-engage with customers. When customers opt-in to receive marketing messages, they are more likely to act on the communication you send.

  • Data-driven Marketing for the 21st Century

    A data-driven marketing strategy means that every message has a purpose. Around here, we use the past to predict the future. We use customer purchasing data to decide which marketing messages will resonate with which customers to bring them back in. After all, data is king.

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  • Easy-to-use Marketing Automation Software

    Save time and get personal with marketing automation. CityGro's loyalty software allows you to target individual customers with personalized messages that are automatically sent out based on pre-set triggers. In other words, no matter how busy you are, you won’t miss a beat.

  • Loyalty Marketing That's Designed to Do More

    Traditional marketing strategies focus entirely on new customers, and most loyalty programs simply reward frequent buyers. CityGro is different. Our loyalty marketing strategies help you track all your customers and send the right offers and messages to make sure they are coming back.

  • Make Meaningful Customer Connections More Often

    We believe that businesses who communicate with their customers are more successful than businesses who don't. CityGro helps businesses capture customer information, track customer behavior, and communicate relevant messages to reach customers at every stage of loyalty.

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Need Marketing Assistance?

Need marketing assistance? Let our experience help. CityGro offers marketing assistance from certified Account Pros who have thousands of hours of experience from working with hundreds of businesses. Each Account Pro is an expert loyalty marketing professional and can help you create your account, automate your marketing campaigns, assist in data collection and data integration, facilitate professional design, monitor the success of your account and campaigns, and/or simply generate ideas. Our Account Pros have one purpose . . . to help your business achieve success!

CityGro Highlights

Sunrise Pita

"A customer loyalty program ABSOLUTELY increases the frequency a customer visits your business."

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Farr's Fresh

"In short, the direct loyalty marketing efforts more than doubled our sales! Good job CityGro!"

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October 21st 2015 – CityGro 3.0 addresses many of the requests asked of us since we first released the kiosk in 2012. It brings our software up to date with Apples new IOS 9 release as well as solves many of the issues experience from clients with less than ideal internet connections. We feel it's our best kiosk yet and is what makes the CityGro iPad Kiosk the most versatile kiosk application in the world. For a detailed review of the upgrades, please visit our blog post at..


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