What we do?

Vesto helps families manage their finances collaboratively, achieving financial goals such as new home, vacation, wedding or kids.

Get after your goals.

Start with something standard like a house or vacation fund, or create a custom goal.

Save as a team.

Get on the same page with a joint Vesto account. You can both contribute and track your progress. You can contribute as individual as well.

Investing for everyone.

Invest in a portfolio or save in cash. Start with what you can. Learn as you go.

Save for stuff that matters.

If you’re excited about it, we’re here for it. Save and earn toward as many goals as you can dream up.

Once you reach your goal, Vesto uses smart technology to find the best deals for you when you need a mortgage, a new car or vacations.

Put your money to work.

Save in cash and earn interest. Or invest in a portfolio with greater growth potential. Vesto helps you figure out what’s right for your goal.

Simple pricing


  • €0/mo
    • Deposit and withdraw any time. No hidden fees.
    • Open your free account with as little as 5€.
    • Earns 0.69% variable interest.
    • Collaboration features connecting all your family accounts.
    • Recommendations, tips, and progress updates on your goals.


  • €0.25/mo
    • All stardard features.
    • Get a portfolio tailored to you and your goal.
    • Pay just 0.25€ per month for every 500€ you invest (0.6% annually).
    • Get started with as little as 100€.
    • Learn as you go with Vesto.

You can do anything if you set goals.
You just have to push yourself.
Vesto will help you.
Simple, Better, Cheaper.

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