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Free Programming Tutorials

"Free Programming Tutorials", That's our slogan. mideis.com is a site that contain a lot of free tutorials, articles, applications, and others. You can use all of them as long as you keep the credit: this site (mideis.com) and whose the maker.

In this year, 2006 (espesially in Indonesia), the cost of education is too expensive :( . We can do nothing for that (ugh.. :( ). We sure you know knowledge is very important, so we want to give something USEFULL and absolutly FREE.

Finally..., we update this site that never did it more than one year:). We hope our team can complate another tutorial soon. We will always wait for your hand to send tutorials, articles, applications, and others. I don't care what you send to mideis, such as: virus tutorial, hacking, cracking, or the other thing that we say before, as long as is useful for education we will glad to get and publish them.

The last news for mideis that we try to create a global site :p. Yeah..., with english version (not too much, but we will complate it in another time). Be sides that you can find a new facility in mideis, "members login".

We hope all contain of mideis can be useful for us (you and mideis). Thx not spamming in mideis...

We are so sorry for our bad english.




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