Welcome to AMISTAD University

We take your skills to higher levels

Seeking knowledge together

Education made accessible, online education and blended learning on the forefront!

Blended learning

Blended learning takes the best of two worlds and combines it to a new educational paradigm. Through self-study, online lectures, and virtual meeting with world class teachers.

Context awareness

For education to be truly effective it must be contextualized, adapted to the local context of a region or a country. This is the true challenge of future higher education; the challenge of global education.

Flexible education

Students are different, they have different backgrounds and social situations making impossible to create one size for all type of education. Rather, students must be given a choice on how to study.

Online education

AMISTAD University uses online education coupled with other forms to deliver education. We believe that online education can solve the issue of access and will allow thousands of students.

Based in research

All education at AMISTAD University is based in solid research done at the University. All teachers are expected to do research and publish in their respective areas and keep courses and programmes current.

World class educational support

AMISTAD University takes pride in offering students the best and most innovative learner support. This done through learning platforms, educational resources and tools for learning.

What we promise you

Dedicated teachers, researchers, and staff

AMISTAD University utilises teachers and staff that are professional and dedicated to what they do. We employ only the best and offer continuous training to all of our employees in order to service you the student in a better way. All teachers on all levels are required to do research as part of their daily jobs ensuring a solid academic foundation of all our educational programmes.


All programs at AMISTAD University are influences by industry. We work together with industry in developing the programmes, and continuously adjusting and improving them. This is done to ensure that we do not just offer great academic programmes but also education that leads to real jobs, since this is ultimately why you as a student has chosen to study.

Personal and professional development

Irrespective of what you study at AMISTAD University we see professional and knowledge development as obvious and very important but also the personal journey you take as a student is central and part of the success of any university education. This is something AMISTAD University takes very seriously and actively work in order to offer personal growth as well as professional.