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When you work on any project, keeping the tools at your fingertips can always serve for a more accurate and less time consuming … While you can always put your tool in your proximity to any flat surface you own, it’s easy to install vertically simply making things easier and faster, but above all more affordable. It’s exactly these characteristics that the StickQuik invention brings to your arsenal.

A simple semicircle with magnets on one side, allows you to fasten any tool, removing it easily in a removable way from the bay of any ferromagnetic metal surface. In this way, it is simply necessary to take the tool you need and remove it from the hood of the car, the side of the box with the tool or any other metal surface nearby, while the entire selection needed for work always stays at your fingertips, neatly complex, ready whenever needed. StickQuik represents a set of silicone rings in three different sizes, each of which has magnets for adhesion to metal surfaces. The smallest measure of three eighths of an inch in diameter, the central units come from half an inch, while the largest holders are large three-quarters of an inch in volume, allowing you to find the right size that fits into all types of tools. Since the large StickQuik hooks are ideal for heavy tools, they come equipped with slightly more powerful magnets, so there’s no need to worry about falling and sliding under heavy loads. According to the company, small and medium-sized models can hold weight up to just over 900 grams, while the biggest ones are able to carry a load of up to 1.360 grams.

This means that you can use this equipment to hold almost any type of tool that you want to use when you work on your car or repair things around the house, at the same time getting extremely useful features that, especially if you are the type of man who solves his problems alone. However, we must note that these bindings are not only beneficial to people who are all repairing themselves, but also ideal in office conditions, for holding pens, markers, and lacquer markers. In kitchens, these hooks can be used to hold spatula, puppets and other accessories, while other surfaces of the house can be used for the disposal of tools for cleaning, gardening and much more. Of course, having a magnetic base means StickQuik requires non-porous metal surfaces to hold any of the above. Since these items are not available anywhere, when you want to use them, these ties come with small metal plates that have a self-adhesive surface and allow them to be placed on wood, tiles and other surfaces, automatically converting them to ferromagnetic sites where the links can be attached.

Bang & Olufsen brand launches fourth edition of handsets in its new Special Edition E8 collection … Beoplay E8 Racing Green is full of the name of these new handsets coming in a beautiful set. The headphones are inspired by the racing and decorated with the British racing green color, which gives them amazing beauty and make it jump from another handset. Bang & Olufsen has tried to combine modern wireless headset technology with a minimalist design that will not attract too much attention, which at the same time will be pleasant to wear.

Headphones are carefully designed to adapt to different types of ears. Do not create discomfort while wearing and provide a perfect sound that will allow you to enjoy music. Mugs on the headphones minimize external sounds so that the only thing you can hear is music. It is designed to make sure that these headphones can be used in noisy racing cars, and those who like to drive fast but do not want to listen to the sound of the engine can relax with your favorite music and enjoy it without any disturbance.

The best feature of these handsets is their longevity, because they can work for 12 hours with one charge, which means you will be able to spend a lot of time with your favorite songs. Of course, next to the car, you can carry these headphones while doing other activities, such as cycling, running or training in the gym. Due to its shape and vacuum membrane, these headphones will not come out of your ear shells, making them the perfect gadget for people who are in constant motion.

Kano is known for its DIY kit for children, with the help of which they can make and code computers … Their previous offices, the sets did not have the touch screen option, which is definitely needed today, so Kano Computer Kit Touch solves this problem. Instead of a flat-style tablet-style display, their new kit combines a touchscreen panel with built-in housing that puts it in an ideal position to use. In this way, the kids will not have to use the desktop computer’s retro controls, but they will have to interact with the screen, to which they are practically habitable from birth. The Kano computer set comes completely apart, which means that children will have to compile themselves from the beginning to the end. Of course, this is not designed to be overly complicated, but comes with simple connectors, slots and connectors. With the kit comes a booklet that guides them throughout the process, and even younger kids will easily succeed in compiling it.