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The Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators (CSME) exists to serve Canadian physicians who perform medical and medicolegal evaluations for patients or as a professional service to the legal profession, employers, the workplace safety and insurance or workers compensation boards or CSST and the insurance industry, using evidence-based medicine, best medical practices and practice guidelines. Member physicians have the opportunity to contribute to the development, advancement, and publication of ethical standards and guidelines for medical evaluators; to advise the medical and other professions, organizations, and government agencies on all matters regarding medical evaluations; to offer expert consultation on all matters concerning medical evaluations in Canada; and to assist those hoping to locate available physicians with suitable expertise.

An active membership in CSME has many benefits, and offers members numerous opportunities for professional growth. All members are licensed physicians in good standing with their provincial college of Physicians and Surgeons, with proven experience in medicolegal evaluations. Applications are confidentially endorsed by two active members of CSME, and applicants must prove their ability to obtain a detailed medicolegal history, to complete and describe an in-depth clinical examination, and to critically review and analyze case documentation. In addition, applicants must demonstrate knowledge of how to use clinical evidence to derive and clearly communicate diagnoses, impairments, and resultant disabilities; to address the issue of causality by reference to logical reasoning, the evidence as a whole, and formal causation rules. Members of CSME have proven their ability to express medical conclusions in fair and unbiased terms, with appropriate references to the database, assessment, literature, and evidence-based practices.

CSME provides a forum for qualified physicians to share their medical evaluating knowledge, experience, and ideas with other licensed evaluators through publication in the CSME News and published Standards, Guidelines and Positions, and through attendance at regularly scheduled conferences and educational events. Members can promote themselves and their professional services to other members or outside organizations on the CSME website. By offering opportunities for promotion to members only, the CSME website excludes those not adhering to the standards and guidelines of CSME and assures third-party organizations that the physicians it endorses have passed the rigorous CSME admissions standards.

CSME is the only organization that offers medical evaluators the unique and valuable opportunity to govern and uphold their professional standards, share their knowledge and expertise, and promote their abilities as medical evaluators, while giving outside organizations expert information along with the assurance that they are being served by licensed and regulated professionals.