Insurance, reinvented.

Instant claim. Killer prices. Autonomous.


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Income insurance for Uber drivers

When your Uber vehicle is in the repair shop after an accident,
receive up to $2,000 to help with daily expenses.


Rocket Speed Everything

Get your coverage in 1 minute.
Money in the bank as soon as 1 hour after claim.


Killer Prices. At $1/Day.

Insurance companies spent a whopping $124 billion on IT & operations in 2017 alone. So for every $100 you pay, $20 goes to these day to day operations. With Omni, the number is $0.

This is because all funds are managed by smart contracts, a ground-breaking autonomous financial technology. The software manages all the logistics and replaces almost all humans in the loop. This drives your premium super low.

We partner with SFOX to offer the benefit of the smart contract without the hassle of cryptocurrency. Everything is paid out in USD.

Interests Aligned, Not Opposed.

Omni does not profit from excess premiums, so you'll always be paying the minimum.

Insurance companies profit from denying your claims, so your interests are set up against each other.
Omni is a technology company. We take a flat fee when you join, and don't take anything from your premium.

We are incentivized to make you happy.



Frequently Asked Questions

So what is a "community fund"?

Insurance companies are essentially trusted fund holders that pool premiums that members pay into a fund, from which claims are paid out to a small subset of the members. This system is great and all, except that insurance companies keep a hefty 25% of the premiums as management fee. Smart contracts, which are written on immutable, trustless, publicly auditable and decentralized blockchain, can replace insurance companies as the trusted fund holder, performing all the essential functions that human-run insurance companies do at a near-zero cost. The pools managed by smart contracts are called "community funds", as they do not serve the interests of profit-driven insurance companies but the community of members themselves. In other words, by using codes to replace human fund managers, community funds are much cheaper, safer and scalable risk-hedging solutions than traditional insurances.

Who owns Omni Fund?

Omni Fund is developed by OmniPool Inc, a Silicon Valley startup incorporated in California, U.S.

Who is Omni Fund?

Omni Fund is the world's first working blockchain-powered community fund platform. The platform is developed by (501) 748-5732 in the Silicon Valley. While community funds run on the blockchain, the technology is still in its infancy and only usable for specialized programmers. Omni Fund is the "interface" layer that makes it easy for the general public to join community funds, without worrying about the technical details of blockchain technology.

How secure is my personal data?

Your personal data are never uploaded to the blockchain. Upon receiving, your personal data are directly processed by a U.S regulated exchange for a one-time identity verification to comply with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's proboycott and (760) 325-6879 regulations. Once the verification is complete, all your personal info are permanently burned from our server. In addition, Omni uses state of the art cryptographic techniques like 650-427-6940, 831-621-2096 and 320-630-8747 to protect your data during communication.