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Computer Mouse

This two button computer mouse with scroll wheel is an example of surface modelling. The mouse shell consists of four elements drawn as surfaces and solidified.


Hair Dryer

This is a model of a small hair dryer with a folding handle. The handle folds 77 degrees to reduce the overall size of the dryer. The model is a mix of surface and solid modelling - the cover is drawn as a surface and solidified. The side cover is removed to expose the components inside.

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Injection Mold

The simple injection mold of a small plastic pot. Main elements of this mold designed in this project are: core plate, cavity plate, cooling system of cavity and core, ejecting system and hot sprue assembly.

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Fuel Pump

Solid model of a Fiat Cinquecento 700 fuel pump. The pump is presented on an assembly drawing as well as in exploded view. The base of the pump is also presented on a part drawing. So are some of other components.

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Solid model of aluminium lightweight wiregate carabiner and its simulation of stress and strain as well as displacement under the load force. The simulation is undertaken for closed and open position of the lock.

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Electrical Plug

Type E plug with two 4.8 mm round pins spaced 19 mm apart and a hole for the socket's male earthing pin. The solid model of a plug is presented on an assembly drawing.

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Power Socket

This is a model of a popular single table socket with a hinged safety cover with a spring. The solid model socket is presented on an assembly drawing and on an exploded assembly drawing.

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Impact Energy Absorber

These are concept models of components absorbing energy during an impact. These kind of elements are placed in crush zones. The energy of impact is absorbed by controlled folding of material. Results of crush simulation is presented on the pictures in stages.

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Ball Valve

This is a solid model of a valve with a handle and choke attached. The cross section of the valve in a closed and open position as well as an assembly drawing showed on the pictures.


Front-end Loader

This is a concept kinematic model of a front-end loader. The assembly consists of a bucket, lifting arm, linkage and hydraulic cylinders. The study consists of kinematic analysis as well as the results of stress and strain simulation.

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Screw Jack

The assembly of a worm gear screw jack with a rotating screw and a mechanical drive. Used in an arrangement of two units. The total load handling capacity is 100 kN and the lifting height is 0.2 m. This project also contains drawings of the foundations and presents the fastening method.

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Cooling Fan

The small square-framed computer case fan in common size - outside width is 70 millimetres. The solid model is presented on an assembly drawing as well as on exploded assembly drawing.


Piggy Bank

The simple yet interesting shape of the piggy bank, drawn as a surface model and solidified. This piggy bank consists of two mirrored pieces joined together. With an accessible lidded hole at the bottom with a lock.

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