We are a rehabilitation service aiming to provide the highest quality of one-on-one physiotherapy in North and West Vancouver. Besides the general population, we have vast experience on serving the senior population (Gerontology) and attend clients at their homes as well as at long term care facilities. Our treatments are evidence based and we focus on client centred care to fulfill each client’s needs.

We believe:

“Life is meant to be lived fully.”




Over the last decade Neves Physio has treated patients with different health challenges including: Post hospitalization deconditioning, hip or knee replacement surgery, and strokes or traumatic brain injuries to name a few.  

Furthermore we have extensive experience working with seniors who present mobility challenges, as well as with those who deal with chronic, progressive and degenerative conditions such as: Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and dementia among others.   

Lastly we deliver pain management treatments at clients homes which may include the use of specialized equipment (see Modalities section).



We are a family business

Our Team

Owner | Registered Physiotherapist
Certified Personal Trainer | Physiotherapy Assistant
Physiotherapy Assistant | Kinesiologist
Office Assistant


We come to you...

Neves Physio delivers service with personalized care to inspire and help clients to return to daily activities, manage pain, and enjoy an active lifestyle.

We believe that for clients with mobility challenges, delivering physiotherapy at their home ensures a more comfortable and familiar environment helping for a successful recovery.


Neves Physio offers a variety of mobile equipment to treat different conditions.

Mobile Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

Used for relief of post traumatic or post operative pain, in addition to symptomatic relief of chronic intractable pain.

Mobile Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

A preventive and therapeutic tool which reduces muscle spasms, prevents disuse atrophy, increases muscle strength, increases range of motion and promotes muscle re-education.

Mobile Therapeutic Ultrasound

Indicated for use in applying therapeutic deep heat in body tissues for the treatment of selected medical conditions, including relief of pain, muscle spasms and joint contractures.

Mobile Infrared Laser Therapy

For treatment of muscular skeletal conditions and pain to accelerate the natural healing process.

Patient Education

We aim to educate clients about rehabilitative exercises and preventative methods through one-on-one sessions in order to well equip clients and make them aware of the strategies available for a successful recovery.


  • Tom gave very personalized tailored exercise programs to suit his clients, at all capabilities, to improve their strength and flexibility. Tom is highly suited for his profession, He is a very caring and compassionate person. We never ever got a feeling that this was a job but rather a passion. We would recommend him most highly.

    Pat Muller & Brian Buday
  • Tom has been very helpful in introducing me to walk up and downstairs. He has insisted in proper use of my walker. He is also very prompt in teaching me exercises to improve my leg strength and balance.

    Frederic Ortis Farnsworth
  • When Don is walking with Tom he is more “himself” that at any other time. The benefits are both physical and psychological.

    Helen Nesbit
  • Peter has been bedridden for about 5 months. Tom came 6 weeks ago. Today Peter sits in his wheelchair with us and is part of the family again. Tom is very positive and we see Peter learning to stand,exercise for arms and legs and taking steps. Everyone is amazed. Thank you Tom our life is much improved.

    Dorothy Hudson
  • I highly recommend the Neves Physiotherapy team (Tom, John and Nina) who have provided excellent service to me, particularly with my legs, knees as well as the upper portion of my body.

    Elvina Fitzgerald
  • My physio sessions and walks with Tom have rejuvenated me. Even my doctor is surprised by my improved balance, strength and mobility.

    Michael Jeffery


What to Expect

In the initial assessment the physiotherapist will focus on the patient’s medical history and main complaints.

Based on the information provided by the client, the physiotherapist will perform physical tests to confirm a diagnosis,develop a treatment plan and discuss realistic goals.

The session will last an hour, where in the first half hour an interview and clinical test will take place, and in the final thirty minutes the therapist will treat and develop a personalized rehabilitation plan. 

What to wear?

Comfortable clothing which allows for full range of motion.

Is a doctor’s note required?

A doctor’s note is not required for participation in physiotherapy sessions; however, if you have one, please present it during the initial assessment.

Cancellation Policy

Please cancel or change your appointment date at least 24 hours in advance. A full session fee will be charged in the case of missed appointments.   You can reach us by email at livewell@nevesphysio.ca or call us at 604.800.9660.  






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