A physicist is just an atom's way of looking at itself.

It's a fifteen minute walk from here to the campus.

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You'll be answering the phones.


Manavendra sings well.


It was some time before he realized his mistake.

My grandfather takes a walk every morning.

That was enough.


Her story cannot be a lie.

I misspelled the word.

You probably just want to be alone.

We joined the country club.

Can I get a witness?

The home team always have an advantage over their opponents.

I'll swim with Felix tomorrow.

He likes all animals except horses.

I have seen much of him lately.

I'm not dating her.

You have learnt a bad philosophy which is controlling your life.

Vulcans have pointy ears.

Lui is moving out of town at the end of this month.


The students protested against the Vietnam war.

Lost in thought, Sridharan watched the sky as he smoked a cigarette.

He is likely to win this game.

Can you translate this manuscript from French to English?

I thought you wanted me to handle it.

I hope you can be a better father than I was.

My father is 48, but he looks young for his age.


My goal is to be happy.


Many foreigners speak good Japanese.

You should have told me a long time ago.

I didn't know that he was there.

It's time for dinner.

Griff took a picture of himself flexing his abs in front of the mirror.


The second lesson is very easy.

You should get yourself a new car now.

We've been helping Hon.


I liked "Rebel Without a Cause" very much.

Case is reserved.

Have a nice evening with your Paris friends!

Glynn made me promise not to go there again.

Omar and Hein spoke at the same time.

Whenever the school bell rang, Ivan would stare into space and drool. Several failed exorcisms later, his parents realized that he was the reincarnation of one of Pavlov's dogs.

The sun descended behind the mountains.


Please don't argue.

Janice looks almost exactly like his brother.

We will visit you sometime.


You can easily tell that he is a genius.

Line up at the door.

I can't imagine why Seenu would do something like that.

Everyone seemed to be very busy and everyone seemed to be in a hurry.

It's not you whom I want to go with.

I'd like to think so.

To be on the safe side, she went to hospital.


They found out it was way the very same house, so they went to the Movers to see if the little House could be moved.

You had better go to bed early.

I see you in every one of my dreams.

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They have left here, perhaps for good.

I'm late for work.

I'll move to Stockholm next week.

Stefan saved all of the letters Moses sent him.

Your English has improved considerably.

It's getting colder.

I pardoned my friend for his poor manners.

No one other than you knows how to make such a tasty salad.

This photograph reminds me of my childhood.

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You break it, you buy it.

One of my parents has to go to the meeting.

I'll soon finish reading this novel.

This is a picture of the first train that ran between Tokyo and Yokohama.

I recommended Gale for the job.


There's so much I want to say to you.

If you could loan me some money, I'd really appreciate it.

I'd like to fax this to Japan.

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Where was the wedding held?

I had a happy childhood.

Win is a smart man.


The room is very bright.

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Everything you need to leaf through a good book: a big, fluffy bed, snug armchair, and, of course, a wall-to-wall selection of reading material.

Are we really in 2014?

My wife is preparing dinner right now.

I'll give him a hand.

Take England for example.


Don't you miss her?

At school, I've learned to write Latin.

We leave Japan at 3 p.m. next Friday.

His dream is to study chemistry in the US.

You could use some sleep.

May there be no war!

I need to meet your boss.

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You'll bring them, won't you?

They're lucky to be alive.

The street to school was flooded and we had to go around.

My mother gave me a sewing machine.

I'll throw you a bachelor party.


The wood was very dark, and she could not help trembling from fear.

She wasn't dancing with him then.

I want to go and cheer.


The noise got on my nerves.


In his free time, he likes to be on the Internet.

We're in kind of a hurry.

I don't care if people think I'm weird.


Shocked by the events of September 11th, politicians all over the world condemned the terrorists for their reprehensible deed.

Is that what she wants?

He gorged himself on ice cream.

Rusty has a piano.

Knut was drunk and obnoxious at the party and started a brawl.

Please leave a message.

Easter is just around the corner.


The size of the carpet is 120 by 160 centimeters.

How long do you study French every day?

He is roasting coffee beans.

I dried my face.

She's gentle and patient.

Not all browsers are secure.

No matter what happens, don't say anything.

In the morning, we clear the futon.

Show me what you can do.

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Is it really my fault?

Malaclypse owns this land.

I'm so terrible at chess, I once got checkmated after only two moves!


He furnished food to the hungry.

I was starting to worry.

If he finds out, certainly he will be very angry.

I'm glad you had fun.

As she was dying, she tried to write the murderer's name with her own blood.

I hope it rains.

Let's play truth or dare.

Get out! And don't ever touch me again!

The telephone rang, but no one answered.

I think that's a good sign.

What does the Hebrew el Shona tona mean in regards to the Jewish new year?

I'd never dream of it.

The process has already begun.

Clifford stood in line.

If it's all right with you, I'd appreciate your not bringing up the subject. We don't want to hear about it.

According to John, the bank closes at 3 p.m.

I just didn't believe you.


I can't sell it for love or money.

He's too young to drink.

This book is difficult to read as it is written in French.

She and her friends love music.

I have a surprise for Leads.


Let's find somewhere else to hide this.

I'm only here to help King.

I you don't fold your clothes or hang them, they will be wrinkled.

If more people had voted, we would have won the election.

I walk every day.

It would have been nice if Jesper had listened more closely to what was said.

I could really go for a steak.


I'll do everything that I can.

Cary left work early, complaining of a headache.

Win is putting his pens into the pencil case.

Turn down the TV a little. I'm trying to go to sleep.

He looked him up and down.

Don't forget to stir the stew.

There are only chemicals in that mayo!

Talk is cheap, but thought is free.

Duncan wants desperately to believe that what Karl said is true.


We can forgive, but forgetting is impossible.

The fear of failure is one of the most widespread fears in the world.

When do you plan to check out?


Why should I apologize to you?


The sickness is taking its course.

He died rather young. He'd just turned 59 years old.

This work is simple enough for me to do.

Hubert and Suu are waiting.

Claudio can stay as long as he likes.