Math – Problem solving multi steps

These are problem solving exercises requiring multiple steps to answer the question. It also requires combining addition, subtraction, and multiplication. It also involves money and coins. Some problems also have extra info that’s not needed to answer the question. Student will need to decide what info is necessary vs. unnecessary info. Skills needed: coins & …


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Division exercise up to 100, focusing mainly on series 5-10, in random order. This is for students who have mastered basic division and division for series 1-5. It requires memorization of multiplication table. Math – division up to 100 random exercise


Complete list of sight words for grade Kinder to 3rd, broken into 2 list of about 80 words each. This list should cover about 65% of words encountered by kids reading K-3 books. English – sight word list K-3



This Kindergarten exercise is for kids who just learned basic subtraction. If you haven’t done the intro to subtraction yet, make sure you check that out first before doing this one. Math – Subtraction up to 10 exercise


This 1st grade / 2nd grade exercise aims to teach kids problem solving skills. It’s also a good introduction to working with equations and solving for unknowns (i.e. variables in pre-algebra). For each problem, there can be several ways to set up an equation to solve it. Math – introduction to problem solving Another variation …