Patryk Janas

Junior Front-End Developer

Only human

About me I’m the Front-end Developer, thinker and somehow an artist. I think that a computer is for a programmer like a brush for a painter and a finished website can be compared to a painting. I create websites which are easy to use and navigation on them is intuitive for everyone. I find websites not only as the way to promote firm or products but as the place in the Web where we can combine history, climate, art and passion. Well designed website should please the user’s eye and encourage him to open it again. Because of that I always try to transform client's vision to code as earnestly as possible. My websites are distinguished by quality and what is more, they work well on all devices. Despite the fact that I’m a minimalist I care about every detail in my projects and I finish them on time.
The simplest things are often the truest. 1936. Richard Bach.
Tel (+48) 697-026-368
Social 607-523-4773