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Michael Brown was born in Manchester in 1983. He completed The Exhibit at Pembroke College, University of Cambridge Summer 2014. He lives in Cambridge with his husband John and divides his time between poetry and teaching English.

Michael recently attended Creative Writing in Cambridge, at Pembroke College, in collaboration with the National Academy of Writing. You can watch a video of Michael and find out more at Pembroke's Creative Writing at Cambridge Page.

The scene is tiny, you’re huge

Chloe Poems
The Exhibit

The Exhibit

SilverWood Books August 2014

The Exhibit puts human emotions on display. It is a book between two cities – Cambridge and Manchester – with detours via wax museums and planetariums. It brings down the Berlin Wall and challenges censorship in Iran; reveals the love of gay marriage and has conversations with Alexander McQueen, Damien Hirst and Sylvia Plath.

This is an impressive collection by a young poet already known for his innovative, intense poetry that draws its energy from the light and dark of everyday life. Michael Brown’s poems seek to put our most intense feelings on display, sharing our common experiences and observing humanity standing on the outside looking in.

Selected Poems

Cambridge pace
Mark your arrival
bicycle bell
student crime
library fine

Strolling on the common
punts stretch out like swans
rowing rivers of opportunity
education celebration

Grade 1 listed buildings
sky high college ceiling
of philosophy thinking
Bridge of sighs, never lies

Strawberry fair
Everyone is so fruity
colourful characters
we won't be contained by jars
though some wear lids for hats

Sweet sugary and delicious
we all jam together
a mixed berries of diverse delight
Strawberry fair starts the summer

A parade of all people
poets and bands dripping treacle
afternoon balloons high
candy floss hair and face paint bright glare

Bright spot of the Hibiscus flower
Sinabung coughs sulphur
asthma lungs empty charcoal pits
cracked coal clumps choke

this sudden red hand
a delicate flower clings to colour
in a grey covered world
your petals bleed aniseed
like a bloody hand
in a dirty puddle
tracing paper flower
crumbles in my hand
leaving bloody fingerprints
a bright red crimson kiss
floats above a sea of lava
could fall into volcano mouth
like a final heartbeat
in a decaying grey body
a bright spot Hibiscus flower


Michael Brown’s poetry is as full of queer spark and passion as he is... his words are heartfelt and full of raw honesty.

Dominic Berry, Performance Poet

Michael's poems are short, powerful chunks of emotion. Some of them are hilarious, some of them are poignant and a lot of them are dark. The first half of the book especially is very dark (but interspersed with moments of light) and the poems get more hopeful and joyous towards the end.

R. Daley, reader on 718-408-6498
The Exhibit

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Cutting Butterflies with scissors Cover

Cutting Butterflies with scissors

Wilkinson House London 2012

Cutting butterflies with scissors was Michael's first published book with support from Wilkinson House, London. Wilkinson House are a specialist publisher who promote LGBT writers. The book was launched at Manchester Pride August 2012 and was printed as a limited batch and is currently no longer in print.


divine poetry, “leaves behind” is superb”

David Hoyle

the book is great, cool title

Jackie Hagan
Allergic Cover


Self published 2010

Allergic was the first collection of poetry from Poet Brownie. This was a self published pamphlet which was distributed at events and festivals where he performed. Original artwork by Tommy Kovac (Slave Labour graphics) was used for the cover.

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