Are you making friends here?

I was somewhere else.

I don't know anything about cricket.


He is second to none in physics.

He refused to talk to me.

Sergei sat on the arm of a chair.

The yacht sailed all over the world by using the force of the wind.

Do you know where I live?

My wife is cooking right now.

Sodium reacts vigorously and exothermically with water.


The blind leading the blind.

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The proposal he made yesterday is now under consideration.

I was correct.

Pizza and beer go together well.


We kind of expected this to happen.

We turned a corner and drove north.

Am I still your boyfriend?

Nahuatl was the language of the Aztecs.

If the phone rings again, I will ignore it.

I think you should talk to someone.

He shaves with an electric razor every morning.

I am Italian.

People say I look about the same age as my sister.

Samir took an emetic.

The story seems to be true.

Manolis didn't want me to come to Boston.

Isn't he an American gentleman?

My sister is afraid of all doctors.

It's difficult to feel at home in a foreign language.

It is truly regrettable that he failed the examination.

She talked to the chairperson.

May I borrow this book?

Three other soldiers were wounded.

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I've got to get to the bank.

Man is the measure of all things: of things which are, that they are, and of things which are not, that they are not.

We told Gordon not to stay out late.

I'd like to live near your house.

The committee killed the bill.

I haven't been to Boston since Lenny died.

Why don't you just be quiet?

Can you repeat, please?

You've got another MILF? What happened to the last one?

A cat got out from under the car.

If you're busy, I'll help you.

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People have time upon time faced 'a war that must not be lost'.

I am grateful to you for your kindness.

We can understand everything he is saying.

I'm not that nice a guy.

We've decided to remove Teresa from life support.

She hid the letter carefully so no one would see it.

They start believing their own con.

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He who does not work, does not have the right to eat.

Now isn't the time.

Jack walked home from school.

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Rafael is a bit short for his age.

Arlene is such a sweetheart.

You know that once you're inside, you'll never be able to get out.


What does the sign over the door say?

Do you need instructions?

At what time do you eat lunch and supper?


Dutch is a Low Franconian language.


He is very friendly to her.

That's still up for discussion.

I'll give these puppies to anyone who likes dogs.

I was going to do that anyway.

She was in a hurry to see the new baby.

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Nhan has never won anything in his whole life.

Daniel was killed with this rock.

During the 19th century, many inventions were developed.

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Usain Bolt is still the fastest man in the world.


The break is over.


The air conditioner is out of order.

You need to get the job done.

How are we going to get home?

The happiest women, like the happiest nations, have no history.

Our journey by camel was quite an experience.


"Roma" is an anagram of "amor."

I don't see any reason to complain.

I just got a good idea.

I wasn't aware that you were feeling that bad.

I'm not at all surprised.


Good thinking!


Greg couldn't be more wrong.

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I'm pretty angry right now.

Why do I get hiccups every time I eat spicy food?

Even if they have a good wine menu, I will not want to dine here.

Sangho plans to stay with us when he comes to Boston.

I have other things I should be doing.

Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.

My pants fall down without a belt.

Who are we meeting?

I met Mahmoud at a party.


The second part of the lesson is harder than the first one, but the third one is the most difficult.

Nobody insults my country.

He will soon leave his parents' home.

I'll see you at the library tomorrow.

We provided the flood victims with food and clothing.

Hey, let's get on with it.

Everyone ran outside.

Patrick doesn't seem too happy.

That very tune reminded me of my adolescence.

A long time ago, there lived a tailor who had three sons, but only one goat.

We have some time.


When was the last time you talked to Herbert?


Richard deserves much better.


Our country's youth has no interest in politics.

The news was surprising.

Randolph could've walked away.

This year I had beautiful days abroad just like last year.

We've driven enough for one day.

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Manny is the kind of guy lots of people just don't like.


Roxanne will be back on Monday.


It's an inside joke.

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I have been in business for two years now.

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Why do you want him?

I skip ads on videos whenever I can.

He was always trying to provoke an argument.

It's five and you're still not in bed! You just came back from the bar, didn't you?

Please bear with me until I finish the story.


I should not have studied yesterday.

Everyone estimates her work highly.

Avoiding trouble will not always assure safety.

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I want you to understand this.

Write with a pen, not with a pencil.

All these notions I have long since abandoned.


How many men do you have?

You go ahead, Sergio. I'll catch up soon.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to persuade him.

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Just let me get my thoughts in order.

All the passengers died, but the pilot and copilot survived.

He was walking toward the sea.

Without you, I would've died.

I do think people will use it.


I can come back if you want me to.


Starting next week, we'll be using a new textbook.


John, come to me!


Wayne might be unhappy.


I was born in Russia.

I am quite tired of daily routine.

For man, there is no beast more scary than man.


How can you tell Andrew is a policeman?


It's important to take good care of your teeth so you'll be able to eat properly when you get older.


Nikolai knows how to speak French.


The crescent moon still shone as the sun was rising over the skyline in the east.

OK, no problem.

He never gave in to temptation.

The sky's clear today.

The hamburger is a famous American dish.

I got a good night's sleep.

Emily has a friend named Melanie.

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Nobody wants to visit my country.

Ken kept on singing that song.

I noted that her answer was incorrect.

Do you know what happens next?

Anne accepted Henry's proposal.


I told Lowell we were friends.