DECORATE WITH GLITTER If you want to make different decorations, you have to use glitter! This bright powder can give a special touch to almost anything. Here we show you how to decorate with glitter so you can surprise everyone.

To decorate you just need creativity and some ideas to start from, do not you think? One of the most daring elements used in decoration is glitter. These tiny bright metallic elements of varied colors can add incredible effects to many things, be it a bottle, a candle or even shoes, decorating with glitter can give a new air to a huge variety of elements.

Glass pots with glitter Glass containers are the elements most used in events, whether weddings, first communions, baptisms.

These are usually bottles, bowls, vases, jars, candle holders, among others. But to improve the decoration, these objects can be customized to suit the type of celebration. If what you want is to give a touch of brightness to that occasion that you expect to be unrepeatable, it is best to opt for a glitter decoration.

Best of all You do not need too many materials to decorate glass bottles with glitter. In addition to the glass bottle or vase you will only need white glue, a brush, adhesive tape and, of course, the glitter. A good idea is to decorate with glitter on the bottom of the boat. To delimit the area you want to decorate you will use the adhesive tape and with the help of the brush you will cover with white glue all the space where you will place the glitter. Then you just have to paste it and that’s it. When it is dry remove the adhesive tape and enjoy your adornment. You can protect it with a thin layer of transparent glue on top, to prevent it from escaping and ending up everywhere.

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Customize your shoes

You have surely seen the trend of slippers with glitter. But, believe it or not, you do not have to spend too much money on shoes of this type: you can make your own version at home much cheaper and to your liking. In addition, it is a great alternative to give a second life to those old shoes that you have thrown because they have become ugly from using them so much.

To make them you need a pair of classic shoes that are old, white glue, a marker and lots of glitter. To start decorating your shoes the first thing you should do is take a special felt-tip pen to paint some edges of the shoes. Then you will have to apply the white glue on all the areas you want to cover with glitter. And now it only remains to start throwing the glitter. It is a good idea to place a cardboard under the shoe, so not only avoid making a mess, but also you can take advantage of the glitter that does not stick to the shoes. It only remains to wait for them to dry and that’s it. If you want to make sure the final finish lasts longer, you can seal it with a layer of clear nail polish.