Give yourself a break once in a while.

Application of force to an object changes its velocity: its speed, its direction, or both.

He seems young, but he's actually over 40 years old.

I didn't expect all this.


You never told me that.


Get real!

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I ate a burger, then went to bed.


I spoke French to him.

I am still alone.

Am I the only one who agrees with you?

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It seems the meeting cannot take place. Two attendees are stuck in Charles de Gaulle airport.

It is difficult for me to handle the case.

You never let me do anything.


Sylvan doesn't love you as much as I love you.

He provided them with food.

You're too loud.

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The watch battery was dead.

While I was swimming, I got a cramp in my leg.

I remember it!


We must have respect for tradition.

She needs to change her outfit before the party this evening.

This may take more time than we expected.

Roxana is three inches taller than Lin.

Nobody wants to be around him.

I'd be happy to sing for you.

How did Polly lose so much weight so quickly?

The death penalty should be abolished.

They have to be very careful.


Artificial intelligence cannot beat natural foolishness.

Tell me more about it.

He walks.


A single step, and you will fall over the cliff.

You have to take bus number 12.

Cool the burned finger in running water.

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Australia is smaller in size than South America.


Dan will do his job with or without you.

I really enjoyed it.

After a while, he came to.


You've been married a long time.

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I need a calendar.

The photo catches the tension in the court very well.

You lost a lot of blood.

I know how hard Julia studied.

Benefits of course should exceed the costs.

The hill lay covered with snow.

You should act according to your conscience.

That's a very interesting one.

I'd like to have Rhonda over for dinner.

Your lives could be in danger.

I'll take over.


Excuse me. What time is it?

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I'm looking for a present for a friend of mine.

She often changes her mind.

This medicine will take care of your headache.

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Let's go outside and talk.

By teaching, we learn.

I just wanted to thank you again.

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And this is a beach.

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I was your inspiration for this sentence, and you know it.


Did Raman give you a hard time?


I am embarrassed.

You're being mean.

I am leaving the books here.

What are you preparing?

I need fish.

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The costumes were red, pink, blue, and so forth.

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Your friend left the city.


She went to Bible camp.

We set up our tents before dark.

He usually comes in time.


At all costs, I want to live in America.

What makes you think that Rees is unhappy?

I heard about him.


Their finest moment is their last appearance on stage.


Benjamin couldn't think of any reason for not going.

The paint on the door is not dry yet.

See Kerri, I told you didn't have anything to worry about.


I'm tired of all your fussing.

Everybody just stared at us.

I think Knute is selfish.


Yumi speaks very good English.

Do you know what this box is made of?

Jayesh is cutting the bread.

I don't have any money at all.

A lightyear is the distance that light travels in one year.

You don't know everything.

No one will give me any money.

Nobody came.

I hope you can help.

Will I make it through?

Positive atomic nuclei attract negative electrons.

Experimentation can be good.

I cannot agree to your proposal.

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My wife is getting tired of the daily routine.

He asked her questions.

As he gets older, he's getting more and more stubborn.

The fire department was able to retire early.

I won't ever make that mistake again.

I just came from there.

People die if they are killed. That's the way it should be.


It's valid until March thirty-first, nineteen-ninety-seven.

These fireworks are spectacular!

Are you accusing us of price gouging?

I thought you'd gone and left me.

You will do no such thing.

Kyung no longer eats tuna now that she's seen how the fish are caught.

Farouk was disloyal.

Michelle and Donna had to postpone their wedding.

I can't control them.

It's impossible to see all the sights in Rome in one day.

When you exercise your heart beats faster.


What's been done?


The search for the appropriate adjective proved to be difficult.

I don't think you're fit to be a teacher here.

I'm from Tokyo.

See you at Jennie's place.

What's wrong with you today?

The road was obstructed by fallen trees.

There is a cure.

There are large houses along the street.

He canceled the appointment at the last moment.

I love pizza very much.

What he is saying is very important.


He tries to improve his English.

Well, you haven't done much so far.

The river flooded the whole region.


What have you found out?

It was simple.

Never shall I forget the sight.

They had a wine-and-cheese party.

Darren isn't really as busy as he says he is.

We're stretched a little thin.

Just as it is better to illuminate than merely to shine, so to pass on what one has contemplated is better than merely to contemplate.

Just don't tell him.

The damage has already been done.

Her success made her the target of jealousy.

Pick food that are less in oil, sugar, salt and foods with high fibre.

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The United States is a very unequal country.

Sandy buttoned his coat.

Let's start now, and you go first.

He and she got married three years ago.

Beautiful, intelligent and hot - this describes what he is not.

There are many smart designs among the compact models, aren't there?

You might want to lose a few pounds.


Tomorrow, if we can go out, we'll see how they are.

The post office is near the bookstore.

Language enable us to communicate with other people.

Raja put his helmet back on.

Dan invited Linda for a very specific reason.


Russell canceled his appointment at the last moment.


May I turn on the radio?

That is soo smart and also so cool all at the same time.

Dan found romance with a woman almost half his age.

This overcoat is inferior to mine in quality.

I will check what time the train arrives.


Eileen asked Son to quit smoking.


I joined the study tour.

Your new school doesn't have a swimming pool.

You're not my mom.