Jock is dead wrong.


Take a leap of faith.

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She warned the children not to play on the street.

I want to score more goals.

I had no idea Swamy knew French.

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The penalty is death.


Tell her that I am repairing the refrigerator.


The ring is loose.

Can you please be quiet?

I still can't play golf as well as I'd like to.


We're very different, you and I.


The lock is beautiful.


I have had a series of misfortunes since then.

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Michel couldn't make it to school because of the typhoon.

I'm not playing with your feelings.

Seymour slumped against the wall, exhausted and miserable.


Your son took part in the student movement, I hear.

My papa said no.

The girl is small for her age.

Man is something that must be overcome; man is a bridge and not an end.

When I opened my eyes, everyone began to sing "Happy Birthday".


The light here's not good for reading.

Don't let them talk to anyone.

Nowadays many people travel by car.


There were many cute dalmatians in the pet shop.

The world will change in an instant.

You're right for now.


The picture of beauty beyond description.

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Lori doesn't understand the value of money.

You're not really asking people to believe that, are you?

They are champing to start at once.

Can't we just ask them to leave?

We've been keeping very busy.

He hurt his hand while falling.

You're too good for her.

They worship the almighty dollar.

Can we find anybody that knows this town?

Let's dine out tonight. I'm too tired to cook.

I know one thing, that I know nothing.

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What does it concern you? That's my business!

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I would advise you strongly to quit doing that.

There are seven days in a week.

She opened like this.

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He started in spite of the rain.

I was wrong about that.

We are familiar with this song.

We caught them by surprise.

Adam seemed to take it personally.

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I am still reading.

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I have mucus coming out of my eyes.

Give me that phone back.

Hohn came in through the front door.

He is assiduous in reading as many Russian books as possible.

Why do you want us to have it?

Rolf doesn't listen to anyone.

Subjective reality is whatever the hell I want it to be.

My father always reads a newspaper before breakfast.

There were problems.


They cultivated the land.

I think you're being naive.

Did you read all the small print?

I can't go along with Jim's plan.

Your face is red.


I warned Christofer once, but he didn't listen.

Piete looks anxious.

I can't find any logic to English spelling. "Ghoti'' can be pronounced as 'fish'.

Lindsay's wrong.

Could you send me your last catalogue, please?

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Whoever the representative is from their division, treat him well.

She sold some apples at the market.

I'm not going to run for mayor.


Were you fat when you were in high school?

He's thinking about getting married.

How ever did he succeed in making it?


He is Sandayu Momochi.


How could it have happened?


He was born in Ohio but brought up in Texas.

I hid behind the tree.

You've gone too far.

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He always values his wife's opinions.

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What's Hotta planning?

Sridhar will come for sure.

This is the reason why I didn't come yesterday.


She advised him to see the dentist, but he said that he didn't have enough time to do so.

What a sad man!

Dr. Clark, may I ask a favor of you?

This is the room where the author killed himself.

We saw them last night.


I liked a lot the article I read.

What are you people doing?

I'm getting good at it.

We'll both go.

I was born the year my grandfather died.


I have to fire her.

I can go anywhere I want.

I have come in response to your ad in the paper.


I think that she has magic powers. If you see her, you'd do anything for her.

I love orchids because they are pretty.

Dan and Linda consulted a specialist to help them have children.

Is it that hard?

Bryan really enjoyed his meal.

Who gave away the bride?

You don't look like you're from around these parts.

Alvin knew it was safer to walk on the sidewalk, but he walked down the center of the road.

Spike is much shorter than I am.


It's not as easy as it looks.

They voted to create a committee.

If there seems to be more to something than meets the eye, there probably is.

What makes you think we can trust Urs?

I go to the movies once a month.

Why would I want to have anything to do with this?

I'll be right outside if you need me.

I'm not related to them.

At least I haven't lost anything today.

Do you think he did it?

We visit the tombs of our ancestors on this day.


What a big number!

Please call again.

Do you mind my making a suggestion?

It has been three years since I came to live here.

Christophe is quite anxious, isn't he?

He got brushed aside.

Not all men are created equal.

I'm sure that I can handle it.

She's obviously in pain.

By the time our mother came, we had cleaned our room.

Could you put your cup on a coaster?

Would you like to have some cigarettes too?

When will I be able to talk to Lynn?

Stephe tortured and murdered several victims before he was killed by the police.

Has Suwandi told you the name of his horse?

We've seen our share of action.

Kit did not struggle.


My brother wants to go to the moon some day.

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Romain found his contact lens near the table.


They are building an apartment building next door, which will ruin our view.

You are going to my home.

This restaurant is always crowded.

Did you say anything to Mwa?

Where were you? I lost you.

We wanted to do it right away.

It is effective against bacterial infections.


Kathryn started rinsing off the dishes.

It is practically unthinkable that a scientist of his stature would have made such an elementary mistake.

You're not allowed to have pets in this building.


I don't want him to see this.


My ass!

Clarissa didn't find it.

I'll give you another minute.

It's illegal for anyone, other than a licensed electrician, to carry out any electrical work in your house.

I'm glad we agree, Adrian.

Could you reduce the price a little?

Can we just drop this?


When I was eight, my mom bought toys for me.


It's about time you got a taste of your own medicine.

I remember the year when he got a job.

Amy knows Kenneth's husband.