Awesome Features

We have Some of what we believe to be the coolest features in apps of its kind, we are pioneers after all.

  • Bootstrap 3.3

    Using the latest technology when it comes to apps, to make sure you have the best user experience.

  • So Simple To Customize

    Within the app there are many different features you can easily edit to suit your needs.

  • Creative Design

    Our design was not just made by anyone but by some of the top web UI designers in the business. 

  • Easy to Use

    We have made it ever so simple for you to use, you will have no problem navigating around this baby.

iPhone mockup
  • Premium Quality

    This is an app no like other, the quality speaks for itself.

  • Different Colors

    We have a wide range of colours for you to choose from, even rainbow if you wish

  • User Friendly

    From our resaerch everyone has found it to be one of the easiest apps to use.

  • Twenty Four Seven Support

    We work around the clock to make sure our services levels never stop.

How it Works

We have a social network of users who love apps, they vote every week on which app is there favourite and benefits them the most right now.

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Pricing Plans

Our Pricing Plan is simple, it is free for everyone to use but if you are a business we charge you a monthly subscription fee and our users can vote if you should be in our monthly highlights!



  • 5GB Space
  • 10GB Bandwidth
  • 15 Email Account
  • Integration with WordPress
  • Unlimited Support


  • 5GB Space
  • 10GB Bandwidth
  • 15 Email Account
  • Integration with WordPress
  • Unlimited Support

App Screenshots

Here are some screenshots from our apps, they are being updated all of the time.

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So what are you waiting for? Download our app today and only have the best of the best when it comes to applocations on your phone!

What People Are Saying About US

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I was wasting so much of my time searching for apps for the right job and would end up downloading many that were not up to sratch, i no longer have this problem thanks to 

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I now have so much more space on my phone and have even found some apps that do the same job as multiple apps. Thank you guys for creating such an awesome app.

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This Application is so easy to use, i love using it.


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